7 Best Tents For Warm Weather (Affordable And Airy)

Summer is upon us, and you know what that means!

Cool drinks, campfires, and spending weekends outside and doing hot weather camping. There really isn’t anything more refreshing than getting out to your favorite campsite for a few days.

For many people, you’re breaking out your tent from the garage or crawlspace and you realize it might be time to upgrade your old tent. Or, you may just be getting into camping this year and need to know what tent is best for those warm summer nights. But where do you start?

Never fear, we’ve carefully gone through tons of tents to see which ones would be best for keeping you cool while camping in hot summer nights!

To compile this list of the best tents for warm weather, as usual we tested some of them ourselves. Our expert team also searched far and wide to understand really well the actual pros and cons of each tent on the list.

Luckily, our loyal community of outdoor friends is always helpful, so we managed to obtain insider facts about the tents, coming from first-hand experience.

So, without a doubt, the best tent for hot weather is Eureka Summer Pass. Read on to learn more.

We also included professional tips and tricks on making the right choice when choosing your summer tent. Plus useful advice on fighting the heat in your tent that you won’t find anywhere else.

Let’s dive right in.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Best overall value
Tested and approved by our in-house team, Eureka delivers pleasant open-air feel thanks to the no-see-um mesh canopy, two doors, two windows, and vented rain fly.
  • Smartly designed to be extremely well ventilated thanks to several handy features.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Lightweight and robust thanks to the 7000 series Duralumin frame.
  • Comes with a footprint.
Runner up
Lightweight and ideal for backpacking, this 2-person tent boasts with superb ventilation, roomy design, and 4 set up modes for every occasion.
  • Very well ventilated while it also promotes privacy, offering 4 different set up modes for flexibility.
  • Bonus included – 12 durable tent stakes and guy lines at the sleeping section for more stability.
  • Lightweight and great for backpacking.
  • Steep tent walls create more space and headroom.
Best budget choice
Hands down one of the most popular tents ever, the Sundome offers stunning quality for an unbeatable price. We love it. You’ll love it too.
  • Highly positive buyer feedback and an unbeatable price.
  • Very easy to put up even for one person.
  • Efficient and versatile ventilation features
  • Decent waterproofness and available in two awesome colors.

The Best Tents For Warm Weather Compared

Note: weight is total weight of the tent, meaning its packaged weight; the given weight is for the smallest (usually the 2-person version) tent. The same is for the bathtub floor area.

guh-table__imageEureka Summer Pass
  • Total weight: 6.5 lbs.
  • Occupancy: Choice between 2 or 3 person
  • Floor area: 29.3 sq. ft.
  • Footprint included: Yes
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guh-table__imageExped Lyra II
  • Total weight: 4 lbs. 9 oz.
  • Occupancy: 2-person
  • Floor area: 30.1 sq. ft.
  • Footprint included: No
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guh-table__imageColeman Sundome
  • Total weight: 7.3 lbs.
  • Occupancy: Choice between 2, 3, 4 and 6 person
  • Floor area: 35 sq. ft.
  • Footprint included: No
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guh-table__imageAlps Mountaineering Lynx
  • Total weight: 8.6 lbs.
  • Occupancy: 4-person
  • Floor area: 64 sq. ft.
  • Footprint included: No
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guh-table__imageMountainsmith Morrison 2
  • Total weight: 5 lbs. 9 oz.
  • Occupancy: 2-person
  • Floor area: 35 sq. ft.
  • Footprint included: No
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  • Total weight: 5 lbs.
  • Occupancy: Choice between 1.5, 2, 3 and 4 person
  • Floor area: 35.6 sq. ft.
  • Footprint included: No
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guh-table__imageTeton Sports Altos
  • Total weight: 4.5 lbs.
  • Occupancy: Choice between 1 or 2 person
  • Floor area: 35 sq. ft.
  • Footprint included: Yes
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#1 Eureka Summer Pass

eureka summer pass tent

Tested and approved by our professional hot weather team, Eureka Summer Pass is hands down the best hot weather tent you can get for ventilation in hot weather camping. Its entire body is essentially no-see-um mesh, which helps air flow pass freely through the camping tent. Eureka has also been around for quite a while (1895 to be exact), so you know they’ve put in a ton of effort and time to create outstanding camping gear.

  • Smartly designed to be extremely well ventilated thanks to several handy features including a mesh ceiling and mesh on the back wall. Ensures good air circulation.
  • Easy to set up, which is a bonus in hot weather.
  • Super light and robust thanks to the 7000 series Duralumin frame.
  • Comes with a footprint.
  • There is very little privacy due to how much mesh there is. Including on the mesh windows and the interior mesh walls.
  • Some clips made out of plastic are not the sturdiest, which means that they are prone to wearing out quickly.

Last August, me and my wife spent 3 nights in this mesh tent, camping in a forest in Bulgaria. I remember those canicular days because of the great food and spectacular nature.

And the heat.

If it wasn’t for the airy Eureka Summer Pass camping tent, we would barely get some sleep during that time. It was that hot.

We really enjoyed how well air flowed through the mesh tent as the entire body is one big mesh canopy. And it has a mesh ceiling. The windows are mesh windows as well. That makes it ideal for stargazing too, by the way. Perfect for your summer camping trip and one of the most popular tents for hot weather.

The bathtub floor is made of 185T polyester and coated with 2000-millimeter waterproof coating, which ensures that you’ll stay dry through the night if it ever rains. And we're talking about moderately heavy rain. 

We prayed for some rain then, but alas, no one heard our prayers. We thought that the hot weather will kill us.

Having used the camping tent for more than a year now, I find it to be quite durable. That’s not a surprise given the frame which is a 7000 series environmentally friendly Duralumin.

Our Eureka is a 2-person tent but there is an option for a 3-person tent too. The Eureka comes with a rainfly that is designed with two spacious vestibules, making it so that you and your camping partner can each easily store your camping gear on the outside of the tent with the peace of mind that everything will stay dry.

The fly also is designed with a vent on the top of it, which aids in ventilation even if it’s raining outside. No other mesh tent with mesh walls on our list has this feature and for many people that feature alone make it well worth the investment. And don't forget the nesh windows. 

But the good news related to the ventilation of this tent doesn’t stop here.

What also promotes breathability is the presence of 2 doors. We made use of the two entrances to further allow the air circulation. Unobstructed air circulation is a must in scorching weather. 

Besides, this model has Eureka’s high/low vent technology. The camping tent is designed so that it allows the cool air to enter from the low vents. The hot air leaves the tent from the top. And you can control how much air to enter the tent.

It really works well and me and my wife felt that during our camping trip. I believe it's the best tent for ventilation.

You will enjoy how lightweight this camping tent is for its price point at only 6lbs for a two-person tent. That's great for a two-person tent, right? If you divide the tent between yourself and your partner, you can both easily carry this bomber shelter as far as your legs will carry you!

This is a 3-season freestanding tent with a meshed back wall that comes with a footprint, which will help protect the tent floor against abrasive rocky surfaces. I found the bathtub floor area to be perfect for two people – 29.3 square feet. The living space was roomy enough for me and my wife. The tent has a bathtub design.

What I liked a lot too was the fact that the instructions for using the tent were printed on the storage bag. Quite handy.

Last but not least, the tent is very easy to set up. You just need to snap the buckles and clip to the pre attached poles. That’s it. It's surely one of the most ordered tents for hot weather on our list and one with an excellent value. And it has a nice carry bag too. No need to stuff your tent in a compression bag.

#2 Exped Lyra II

exped lyra 2

The Exped Lyra II is the number 1 competitor of the Teton Altos for the best backpacking tent on this list. It weighs in at just 4lbs 9oz (trail weight), which is only 1 oz. heavier than the Altos. However, as per our tests, it’s far more versatile, offering four setup modes to take the most out of any situation. The overall quality of this tent for hot weather as well as the breathability it provides are quite spectacular. Check it out!

  • It’s very well ventilated while it also promotes privacy, offering 4 different set up modes for flexibility. Ideal for hot weather camping.
  • Bonus included – 12 durable tent stakes and guy lines at the sleeping section for more stability.
  • Lightweight and great for backpacking in hot weather. Provides decent air circulation.
  • Steep tent walls create more space and headroom.
  • You have to buy the footprint separately.
  • The tent stakes are flimsy and not suitable for windy weather.

This is not the cheapest 2-person tent for hot weather on our list, but undoubtedly, it’s one with a fantastic design. It's actually a cabin tent with mesh walls.

And it's probably the best tent out there for what it is. And based on our expert research – a cabin tent that’s well worth the investment if you wish to stay cool during hot summer outings.

It's almost completely mesh. And completely mesh means plenty of air flow.

Backpackers and campers are raving about this mesh tent and its mesh windows. It's one of the most popular tents for hot weather on the market. Check out some of the reviews below. They totally match our own experience with the Lyra II. Sure, there’s always some room for improvement, but more on that later.

exped lyra tent buyer review

The two person tent has 4 set up modes that allow for versatility, depending on the result you’d like to achieve based on weather conditions. Many tents don't have such a feature and a similar technology. 

  • Optimist Mode™ - allows you to use the tent without the fly, while still keeping irritating bugs out of your tent thanks to the porous mesh covering of the canopy. That's for increased airflow. 
  • Stargazer Mode™ - pretty self-explanatory and very cool. With a simple roll back of the head end of the rainfly (you can attach it to the spreader-pole), you will have a terrific view towards the sky.
  • Breeze-Way Mode™ - that’s the best option if you want maximum ventilation. You can easily set up the tent with both doors open to allow quick air circulation. You can do that thanks to the tie-back loops and toggles that secure the doors open and rolled.
  • Privacy Mode™ - you can attach the tent-fly and zip it up so that it covers the entire tent, making the inside invisible from the outside.

The Lyra II cabin tent is not only amazing for ventilation in hot weather, but it also comes with a tent-fly that rolls back and can be secured to the tent body! It doesn't have a separate screen room, though.

This means you can set this tent for hot weather up into “stargazing mode” while having the tent-fly still attached in case you need to roll it down quickly in the middle of the night.

The Lyra II cabin tent (two person tent) has a bit more privacy added to it compared to the Altos and the Summer Pass as the bottom of the tent has polyester walls that come up from the bathtub floor about 12 inches high.

So, if you value your privacy but also want a mesh tent with a mesh ceiling that has great ventilation, the Lyra II might be the best hot weather tent for you.

buyer review of the exped lyra

Another feature that backpackers will love (besides the mesh ceiling and the mesh walls) is the 2-door design. This makes it so easy to climb in and out of the tent without worrying about bumping your partner.

Plus, the fly sheet creates two separate vestibules (unlike most tents) so that each person has their own outside space to store their gear for the night. Sure enough, the two-door design is ideal for better ventilation. And the front door is large.

Besides the 2 doors and spacious vestibules, the Lyra II is designed to maximize interior space while not adding weight. Here’s the right time to mention that the bathtub floor area of the tent is 30.1 square feet and the peak height is decent too – 47.2”. Not bad for tall campers when camping in hot weather. This gives you plenty of sleeping area.

The walls of the cabin tent are very steep, which makes for much more usable space inside of the tent. And that’s something the Teton Sports Altos falls short off. There's a goods-zed screen room too.

But unlike the Altos and the Summer Pass, you’ll need to purchase a footprint separately for this backpacking tent, as the Lyra II cabin tent doesn’t come with one. It’s definitely recommended that you bring a footprint as it will keep your floor from getting torn up by the rough ground.

What’s also handy is that the floor area is waterproof. And, as you know, not all tents are really waterproof and withstand heavy rain.

The fabric on the floor of this cabin tent is a 68D polyester that’s coated with polyurethane. The inverted seams are fully taped which adds up to the waterproofness of this tent for hot weather. So, you don’t have to worry about water entering in your tent. It's one of the best hot weather tents for durability.

As a bonus, the Exped Lyra II tent comes with 12 tent pegs. If I had to complain a little, I’d mention that the stakes are plastic and pop out of ground easily. But the guy lines at the sleeping area, make the tent quite solid in windy and hot weather. It stay firmly grounded when the high winds starts to blow. So, if you want a camping tent that will easily cope with the high winds, this is one is a great example.

Overall it's a decent summer tent that might just be the best tent for your needs. 

And the carrying bag of this 3 season tent is quite roomy.

#3 Coleman Sundome

coleman sundome tent

Without a doubt one of the most popular and top-rated tents for hot weather ever, the Coleman Sundome is an excellent choice for beginner campers. It provides excellent ventilation. With an occupancy of 2, 3, 4 and 6 people, depending on the size you get, this dome-shaped beauty has 2 doors and zippered windows for an amazing ventilation. The best part? That price is almost impossible to match. If you’re just getting into camping, this tent is a great option to try it out without spending a lot of money.

  • Highly positive buyer feedback and an unbeatable price.
  • Very easy to put up even for one person. The opposite is quite annoying in hot weather. You can even set it up with trekking poles.
  • The tent offers efficient and versatile ventilation features for hot weather camping.
  • Decent waterproofness (for heavy rain) and available in two awesome colors.
  • The cheaper synthetic materials are going to wear out faster if you’re not careful.
  • The fly sheet doesn’t extend all the way to the ground, so if large wind gusts kick up while it’s raining, rain can easily get blown into the tent.

The Sundome is a fantastic option for a hot weather tent for car camping. Weighing in at just 7.5 lbs. (trail weight), this backpacking tent is slightly heavier than other backpacking tents on that list, but still, you can stow it in a backpack. 

It's a 3 season tent.

Note that it's not among the lightest tents for hot weather on our list. The Sundome is similar to a regular Core tent in features, but is cheaper. That's why it's a great tent.

The assembly of this tent for hot weather takes only 10 minutes unlike other Coleman models for which the set-up time extends to up to 20 mins. No one likes to spend a lot of time pitching a tent in hot days.

For most tents, it would take you 20 mins to pitch the Coleman Montana tent, which is also a good option for a tent for hot weather, by the way.

camping in the coleman sundome tent

Coleman built the Sundome (the two person tent) with a decent amount of privacy in mind, while also leaving space open with no-see-um mesh for breathability. Needless to say, that keeps your tent cool in hot weather on those hot days. It doesn't have a screen room, though. Still, the lack of screen room doesn't make it bad ventilated. 

There are two large mesh windows on both sides of this summer camping tent as well as a ground vent that creates great ventilation. There's a mesh ceiling when you pull up the tent-fly too. Isn't that what you need on a hot day? Just don’t forget to unzip the flaps when it’s too warm to allow better airflow. 

Note that this is not a canvas tent. I say this because some people ask if this is a canvas tent. I like tents made of synthetic materials because they are more waterproof. Still, if you like canvas tent, check out the Kodiak canvas tent. A lot of people recommend the Kodiak canvas tent for ventilation.

Unlike most of the tents of that price point, Sundome doesn’t sacrifice ventilation for waterproofness. The tent breathes very well even when the fly is on. One benefit of you will notice because of that is the little to no amount of dew accumulated in the morning.

What we found very convenient for sun protection is the tent-fly awning that you can extend. In that way, you can create instant protection against the sunrays but also from the rain. And for further ventilation, you can even bring a portable air conditioner and make sure you have good ventilation.

The Sundome is advertised not only as a waterproof tent for hot weather, but also as a windproof one. We carefully researched that to confirm that many buyers and members of our gear reviewer team have had different experience with that. I love those extra features. 

In general, the summer camping tent for car camping (and warm weather camping) holds up very well to rain (moderately heavy rain) and wind to up to 35 mph. Of course, it all depends on how well you pitch the dome tent and the stakes you use.

For their dome tent, Coleman use their in-house WeatherTec™ System for rain protection. Basically, the tent floor is welded and the seams are inverted so that the water stays out.

As for wind protection, you rely on the tent’s Insta-Clip™ technology. The poles are made of fiberglass (they are not aluminum poles) and are 8.5 mm thick. The clip attachments help in making the tent windproof and also contribute to the fast setup. It's one of the most windproof tents for hot weather that you can find.

Polyester panels extend from the bathtub style floor up the sides of the tent to create your own private room when you’re camping with the Sundome in extremely hot weather.

What I also like is that this tent has an e port, which is super useful from preventing leaking and bugs entering your tent.

A great feature of this tent for hot weather is the zippered windows on both doors. They can be opened up easily and then rolled down to keep from getting in the way or potentially torn when you’re inside the tent.

What’s even better is that they can be open, even when the tent-fly is on top of the tent. This makes for incredible airflow inside of the tent, while also giving the peace of mind that the tent flap will protect you from unexpected rainfall. Who wouldn't need that for hot weather camping?

The Sundome doesn’t come with a footprint unfortunately, but you can easily purchase an inexpensive tarp that you can use as a footprint to keep the bathtub style floor of the tent protected.

Speaking of the tent floor, the area is 35 square feet for the 2-person hot weather tent. So, you have a tent with a spacious interior. Sure enough, the six person tent is bigger.

Because of the lower price point, the components used to make this car camping tent are a bit on the cheaper side.

This means that you’ll likely need to replace it after a few seasons of use, so keep that in mind before you purchase the tent. Definitely one of the bestselling hot weather tents on that list.

And an excellent summer tent. Quite possible, the best tent for its money. Another good Coleman choice is the Coleman Dark Room model which comes with a dark room technology that blocks that sun's rays. 

A dark room technology blocks 90 percent of the sunlight in sunny weather. So, if you're fanatic about blocking sunlight, go with a dark room technology tent. It uses UV resistant polyester to block the harmful UV rays.

And make no mistake, the Sundome is not appropriate for cold weather.

#4 Alps Mountaineering Lynx

alps mountaineering lynx

For those who want to get a decent family camping tent that will offer good ventilation and last for a good while, the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx is a verified option for hot weather. Set up is a breeze for beginners, which means more time enjoying your camping experience and less time hassling with tent set up. Besides ventilating well, the tent has excellent weatherproofing features and acts as a reliable shelter for you and your camping partners.

  • Zippered windows on both doors make for easy cross breeze ventilation and fresh air. Perfect for hot weather camping because that keeps your tent cool.
  • The 2 vestibules of this 4-person tent provide plenty of protection for your gear that can be stored outside the tent.
  • A massive tent with a spacious interior, which helps air circulation in hot weather. Awesome for multiple people.
  • Seriously waterproof summer tent for warm weather camping for your piece of mind
  • Interior organization is a bit lacking for a tent that is supposed to accommodate 4 people.
  • You can use the outer vestibule only in dry weather

The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx is a great summer tent that provides great ventilation. It's also one of the best family tents on the market today. 

It's a step up from the Coleman Sundome in terms of component materials. And it has breathable materials. The outer material is breathable too. Great to keep your tent cool on a hot day.

Also, make no mistake is not a canvas tent. Some say canvas tents are better for ventilation and that's partially true. However, having a canvas tent is not a must if you want good ventilation. Plus, canvas tents don't have UV resistant polyester. 

This is a 4-person tent, and as a multi person tent, it's perfectly suitable for a family with two kids. Of course, dogs are welcomed too. Your doggy could sit in the screen room or, of course, inside the tent.

One of Alps Mountaineering’s bestselling tents, this model is also available for 1, 2, 3, and 4 persons. So, we can say it's a multi-person tent, depending on your needs and how much space you want. The bigger modes, also have a screened porch. It accommodates several people comfortably thanks to the decent size.

It offers plenty of room for 4 people (you can fit in two queen air mattresses) and enough storage space so you can have a comfortable camping experience. There are two mesh pockets on the inside for storing gear. It's also good enough for three adults if they are big guys.

The floor area is 64 square feet and the center height of the tent is 52”. We found that absolutely enough for the advertised capacity.

Like the Sundome, the Lynx offers a healthy mix of privacy and ventilation. Polyester side walls go up about halfway to the top from the floor of the tent, while the rest of the tent body is made of no-see-um mesh. A few people said that it's perfect for ventilation and rainy weather protection.

The 2 doors also have zippered windows that can be opened to allow cross ventilation to keep you cool on the warmest of summer nights. And, of course, to allow some fresh air to enter your tent.

The Lynx is made similar to Lyra II in that it has two doors and two vestibules. A nice 3 season tent.

This makes for easy storage of gear outside of the tent, but in a sheltered environment. This makes it a bit better than the Sundome, because the Sundome does not come with vestibules.

The fly here also extends all the way to the ground, which will keep you dry inside even if it starts to rain in the middle of the night.

The waterproof rating of the fly sheet is 1500 mm polyester and the coating of the floor is 2000 mm polyester. The tent has been tested and verified to withstand serious downpour. And you know that can occur in hot weather. It has taped seams.

The assembly of the tent is a breeze. It’s a two-pole, freestanding design. What’s very convenient is that a gear loft is included and of course, stakes and reflective guy lines. Those are unmistakably among the most important parts of a tent.

The poles are 7000 series aluminum and are lightweight. The total weight of the tent itself is not bad at all for its size and capacity – 8.6 lbs. Based on our extensive research, it’d be difficult to fit the tent in a backpack. But you can attach it on the exterior of your pack, if you’re hiking with your tent.

On the inside, you’ll find that organization is a bit limited. There is only 1 mesh pocket to keep essentials inside of and one mesh storage pocket hanging off the ceiling for additional storage.

If you’re hot weather camping with four people inside of the tent, this might be a bit of a challenge to keep all of your things organized. If you need a tent for family camping, this one might just be the best hot weather tent for you. You will definitely stay cool with it.

If you insist on having a family tent or a group tent, you can also check out the Wenzel Klondike tent. It has a capacity for 8 people, ideal for family camping trips. 

You can also easily enhance the comfort of the inner tent by adding a clean tent carpet. That will surely add some cozy ambiance. 

#5 MountainSmith Morrison 2

mountainsmith morrison 2

Tested by fellow backpackers in hot desert locations such as Zion, Death Valley, and Joshua tree, you can be sure that Morrison 2 ventilates well and will keep you cool when you need it the most. It’s one of Mountainsmith’s bestselling tents that truly incorporates their credo: quality, utility, durability.

  • Excellent construction and excellent ventilation. Includes a gear loft as a bonus. 
  • Comes with a tent-fly that has vents on the top to keep cool inside even when it’s raining. Perfect for hot camping trips.
  • Very roomy 3 season tent as an added benefit 
  • It's a windproof two person tent with an easy setup.
  • Lots of polyester panels keep air from moving as freely through the tent compared to other tents.
  • Small vestibules.

I’m a big fan of Mountainsmith.

During the years, I’ve owned quite a lot of their gear and I was always amazed by the quality. It’s one of the few companies that still designs and manufactures most of their products in the USA.

As for this hot weather tent, in 2011 Backpacker Magazine named it as “the killer deal of 2011”. Ten years later, the tent still deserves its great reputation.

Another budget-friendly option for backpackers, the Mountainsmith Morrison 2 is a decent 2-person freestanding tent. It’s inexpensive compared to other tents on this list, but that doesn’t mean that it’s poorly made. It's a pretty cool summer tent.

Having a packaged weight of 5 lbs. 9 oz. it’s a bit heavier than other backpacking tents. Don’t worry, though. It’s still lightweight and packable.

The Mountainsmith Morrison 2 comes with a bathtub floor which will keep you dry in case it rains at any point during your trip. It’s incredibly spacious (35 square feet of floor area and 43 inches tall), so you and your camping partner can easily spread out while you sleep without bumping into one another. It's the best tent if you want plenty of room for the size.

No-see-um mesh covers most of the body of this tent for hot weather, which is very helpful for ventilation. Plus, the rain fly is vented with two large windows, thus keeping your tent cool. Awesome for summer camping in hot conditions, right?

Moreover, you can use the clips to attach the aluminum poles, which will make the ventilation even better. Contributing gear reviewers, part of our team report that the ventilation is awesome. Super for hot summer weather, right?

However, there is still quite a bit of area on the tent body of the Mountainsmith Morrison  that is polyester paneling, which means that airflow will be limited, especially compared to the Lyra II or the Summer Pass. But that would be a positive in chilly nights. Then, it would be easy to heat this tent without electricity.

Keep in mind that, to improve ventilation and to strip off some weight, you can remove the thick layer of polyester fabric that Mountainsmith included behind the mesh on both doors. Sure enough, remove it when it doesn’t rain.

But if privacy is what you want on your camping trips, the Morrison 2 offers a decent combo of privacy and ventilation. Quite awesome for hot weather, right? And it doesn't boast with a darkroom technology for that. For clearance, Coleman have a fantastic model with such a darkroom technology.

It’s a two-pole, two-vestibule tent with spacious interior that also has two doors. All decent summer tents have this feature. And that’s something that we campers seek when camping in hot weather. That allows better air flow.

What’s also nice is that Mountainsmith use a fire-retardant coating on the fabrics. It means it’s slightly fire-resistant. By all means it’s not fireproof. No tent is.

Morrison 2 is proven to withstand downpour with minor leaking issues coming mainly from the air vent, which lets a few drops pass through it, as reported by verified buyers. The tent has taped seams.

As for assembling the tent, it’s a simple process. Mountainsmith have a very nice video for that. It will surely help you. The poles are color coded, which facilitates the job.

If you need a footprint, be sure to buy one separately or bring a tarp, as the Morrison 2 doesn’t come with a footprint. Still, one of the most popular hot weather tents on this list. 

#6 Clostnature 


With a jaw-dropping price and unbelievable quality comes a tent called by many “a superior tent”, and “terrific product for the money”. Providing superb ventilation in hot weather while being surprisingly roomy and lightweight, Clostnature is hands down, the best bang for your buck. See for yourself.

  • Unbeatable quality for its ridiculously low price with an easy setup
  • Excellent waterproofing and taped seams
  • High-quality fabrics and spacious interior
  • Premium stitching and seam sealing, with mesh walls
  • No footprint
  • Floor material is thinner than advertised

Many call this tent the best tent for the price and their favorite tent for summer camping trips. You'll like it if you like smaller tents too.

I admit, the first thing that drew my attention to this hot weather tent was its price. It's one of the most affordable hot weather tents on this list. Once I saw it, I laughed and skeptically said to my colleagues “yeah, right. You better rely on your jacket as a shelter than on this cheap tent.”

Following deep research and testing, however, I realized I was wrong. This tent can rival some of the most expensive tents for hot weather on the market. It makes camping trips so much comfortable.

For real.

First things first.

This is a 2-person tent for hot weather, but you have the option to choose the 1.5-person, 3-person, and the 4-person option when buying. And it’s a three season tent. In fact, it’d be a sin to recommend you a 4-season tent. The best tents for summer camping are 3-season tents. You can use them until late fall. 

The 2-person Clostnature is very easy to fit in a backpack. It has an easy setup too. When packed, it’s only 16”. It’s also lightweight, weighing only 5.4 lbs. (total weight). So, if you’re headed on a thru-hike or like to pack ultralight, this is the right tent for you.

It’s a freestanding tent that comes with a two-pole design. I like freestanding tents because they are easier to dry quickly.

The poles are aluminum, which surprised me for the price. The tent also comes with 14 aluminum alloy stakes unlike the plastic pegs you get with the far more expensive Exped Lyra II. Plus, you get a bonus – pole repair kit. Very handy!

A great benefit is that the Clostnature tent is ideal for tall people who like to camo in high temperatures. I have a friend who often backpacks with this tent not only because he loves it, but because it’s the only tent in which he can comfortably lie in. He’s 6’5”. The interior length of the tent is big enough – 7’3” and the floor area is 35.7 square feet.

The fabrics of the tent are robust and waterproof. There are taped seams too. We used the tent in light drizzle without worries. Haven’t been tested in storm yet, though. But it works just well for summer camping.

The rain fly is made of 201T polyester and it’s coated with 5000PU. I’ve seen more expensive tents that use oxford tent material and their waterproofing ratings is weaker.

As for the ventilation, I can say only good things. There are two large D-shaped doors on each side. You can use them to stimulate air flow in hot weather and reduce the heat inside.

Besides, the tent walls are meshed and have two large windows for further ventilation on the flysheet. When tested, the tent didn’t have any condensation issues or bug issues. You have two mesh pockets for storage too.

I was pretty happy with the big vestibule. It provided further protection from the sun (nice in hot conditions) and rain protection. There’s even a second vestibule that increases the storage area of the tent, so you can have all your gear neatly stored.

For further convenience and privacy, you can use the curtains of the tent. It’s a nifty feature that helps in many circumstances. Many summer tents have that. The freestanding design of the Costnature tent allows you to move it easily without the need to disassemble it.

Unfortunately, there’s no footprint provided in the package, so you have to buy one separately. Still, this is a genuine tent for summer camping. Don't forget that you can't use it for all year round.

#7 Teton Sports Altos

teton sports altos

If you’re on a budget and plan on having some camping trips in the backcountry, the Teton Sports Altos is yet another good choice for a hot weather tent. At only 4.5 lbs., it is one of the lightest 2-person tents on this list and has tons of mesh for ventilation. The pole design also makes the Altos a decent stargazing tent when the rain fly is off, because it limits any poles from blocking your view when you’re laying down in the tent!

  • Very lightweight, great for summer camping with useful tent features.
  • Super affordable for a hot weather tent.
  • Tons of mesh to allow for maximum air flow.
  • Comes with a footprint and clip-on ventilating rain fly.
  • It's a smaller tent, so it won’t be ideal for larger campers. It's perfectly good for one person, though.
  • The overall shape of the tent doesn’t make it wind-resistant, even if you use the top-rated tent stakes for high winds.

If you want an affordable tent for summer camping trips in hot climates, be sure to check this one out.

A backpacker’s dream is the best way to describe the Teton Sports Altos. This is a top rated three season tent that’s designed for 2 persons. If you’re planning on solo camping in hot weather, there is a 1-person option too. Teton have that too. This model is made to easily fit two people. 

So, the Altos is really one of the lightest tents around that won’t break the bank. Sure, you could spend your money on the lightest weight tent, but for this money for a 2-person tent, you really won’t find anything lighter or better made for scorching weather.

I have a buddy in Canada who regularly goes backpacking with the tent and he calls it his “best friend on the trail”. We found the Altos to be a fantastic tent offering an impressive balance of price, weight, and functionality. And it works like a charm in hot weather.

What I like most about it is that it’s quite easy to set up. This is a one-pole set up with a shock cord bungee system, similar to a regular pop-up tent. Very nice for summer camping.

Like the Summer Pass, the body of the Altos is made up of mostly no-see-um mesh, which facilitates a tremendous amount of airflow. The Altos comes with a footprint, just like the Summer Pass and its rain fly also has a vent to allow for air to flow through the tent even if it’s raining outside. A great option for staying dry. 

The biggest difference between the Altos and the Summer Pass is that the Altos only has 1 door, whereas the Summer Pass has 2 doors. Some people prefer that for hot weather.

Do you know what’s cool? To be cool in hot weather. No, seriously.

The Altos comes with 2 large gear pockets on each side. You can use those to store gear and clothes. Another awesome fact is that Teton Sports included a ground mat with this tent. So, you don’t have to think about that.

If you’re camping with a partner in hot weather, you’ll have to be careful not to bump into them while you’re trying to exit or enter the tent as it’s a relatively small door to move through.

This also means that the rain fly only creates 1 vestibule, making for a smaller space to store gear outside of your tent. If you’re camping by yourself, the 1 and 2-person sized tents are going to be more than enough for what you need.

While you could definitely get two people inside of the tent in a 2-person sized tent for hot weather, you’ll find that you’ll feel rather cramped compared to the Summer Pass. I camped in this tent with a buddy of mine who’s quite a big guy and several times I felt that we’re running out of space in the tent.

The entire size of the tent floor is somewhat smaller than all other tents on our list – 96” x 50”. Keep that in mind and make a good judgement. Also, it's not appropriate to use in strong winds.

Another quibble that I have is related to the lack of second door. Most good summer tents have that feature. Still, the Altos is one of the cheapest hot weather tents on our list. It's a good tent for your next summer camping trip in tropical climates. 

How To Choose The Best Tent For Sultry Weather

No one likes to stay in a hot tent in tropical climates, right? It's far form being a fun experience

To choose among the best tents for hot weather, you need to know what makes a tent suitable for hot weather in the first place.

summer tent

Tents suitable for hot weather (and tropical climates) have the following characteristics.

  • They have tons of mesh that will facilitate airflow while also keeping bugs out. Including a mesh roof for proper ventilation. And that means less heat.
  • They are light-colored as darker colors tend to heat faster and retain heat longer than light color tents. Light-colored tents reduce the heat inside
  • Look for tents that have 2 doors that will offer cross ventilation throughout the entire tent. As for the material, some say that canvas tents breathe better, but I found that it's not a must to have a canvas tent if there are enough ventilation features.
  • Make sure that the rain fly has controlled vents on top so that you can still maintain a little bit of airflow, even if it’s raining outside. Besides, that will allow you to control how much air will enter the tent, thus controlling the temperature inside and sleep comfortably. And you need proper ventilation to sleep like a baby in your tent.
  • They are larger. Larger tents make the air circulates more freely inside and also reduce the heat inside. And air circulation immensely helps in hot weather.
  • They have a screen room – besides providing more ventilation, a screen room keeps your gear neatly stored and protected. So definitely look for a screen room in your future tent.
  • Such tents have two or more large windows for obvious reasons. Mesh walls too.
  • They have mesh pockets and large enough vestibules for storing gear.

Don’t forget the seasonal rating too. That's important when choosing a tent for hot weather.

You’ll want to shop for tents for hot weather that are 3-season tents and not 4-season tents. The reason why 3-season tents are better for hot weather is that they are intentionally designed with thinner walls and more mesh. That helps in reducing the amount of resistance that air will encounter when it enters the tent.

Four-season tents are designed to keep you warm in cold weather, which means they are designed to hold hot air inside - not good for hot temperatures.

They don't work so well for summer camping. Don’t be fooled into buying a four season tent if you primarily plan on camping in warm environments and hot weather. In fact, 4 season tents can't be practically used all year round too, because in summer they are too hot.

8 Tips On Staying Cool In Your Tent

According to the National Weather Service Heath Index, when the heat index reaches 90°F, it’s strongly advisable that people who are exercising outdoor activities take extreme precautions. That's a dangerously hot weather.

In summer, it’s not a rarity to experience such temperatures when camping in the desert or at locations with lower altitude. Needless to say, knowing how to stay cool when camping in hot weather is a must in the summer heat.

So how do you do that?

#1 Camp Near Shade Or Water

Finding the perfect spot is not easy, but it's definitely worth it.

Shade will keep the sun from directly hitting your tent, which in turn will make the inside of the tent cooler. And you need just that in hot weather. If you can help it, try to find the biggest shady spot you can set your tent up under.

camping near the ocean

Another proven tip is to camp near a water source in hot weather. Air temperatures near the water tend to be much cooler than those that are further away. This is because water takes a long time to heat and cool, so it has an almost refrigerator-like effect on the surrounding air.

Air at night is cooler than it is during the day. The air above the water will stay cooler as a result of this effect, which makes camping near water an excellent choice.

Also, don't forget to stay hydrated and know how to blackout your tent.

#2 Set Up Your Tent In The Evening

The time of day that you set your tent up is also important to keep in mind. Try to avoid setting up in the middle of the day as the sun will likely be at its highest and hottest point.

The best time of day to set up your tent is in the early evening as the sun is beginning to set. You’ll still have enough sunlight to see what you’re doing, which means it’ll be easier to set up compared to setting up in the dark.

But you’ll also have the benefit of cooler temperatures. The air will be nice and cool, and your tent will also be nice and cool since it wasn’t being baked by the sun all day.

#3 Open all tent windows and keep the rain fly off

To keep the hot air from getting trapped inside of your tent, you need to open it up as much as possible. As I mentioned earlier, if you can set your tent up in a shady spot and set up later in the day, you’ll be able to keep your tent cool for longer.

But if you’re staying in one spot for a few days, it doesn’t make much sense to constantly tear your tent down every morning to set it up again at night. That’s why you should really consider leaving the rain fly off of the tent during the day to keep hot air from getting trapped inside. Don’t leave camp without putting the rain fly back on the tent, especially if rain is forecasted later in the day. The last thing you want to happen is come back to wet sleeping bags after playing outside all day.

But if you’re in camp or it’s not supposed to rain, feel free to leave the rain fly off the tent to maximize ventilation inside the tent.

#4 Make Use Of Portable Air Conditioning

Portable misting fans have become widely available. You can easily pick one up from a big box store like Walmart or Amazon. They are great for camping in hot humid weather, as they circulate air easily and can cool you down with the misty spray.

#5 Have cold drinks on hand

Be sure to bring plenty of ice in a cooler to keep your drinks nice and cold. There isn’t too much out there that will refresh you better than a cold drink when it’s hot and humid out.

"Roto mold" coolers are the best for keeping drinks cold as they have tons of insulation built into them that keep ice from melting too fast. If you’re going to be out camping for more than 2 nights, a roto mold cooler is a must have piece of gear.

#6 Avoid moving too much during the middle of the day

When you go camping, most of the time you end up doing things outside like hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, and rock climbing. However, when it’s hot and humid out, try your best to do those activities when it’s early in the morning or after the sun has gone down.

Heat injuries can come on quickly and can have dangerous outcomes. And since you’re camping, it’s difficult to move to a cooler environment like inside an air-conditioned building. If you overheat while camping, there isn’t too much that you can do about it!

#7 go for a swim or dip your feet in the water

Water is a great refrigerant because, as mentioned before, its temperature doesn’t change very much. It can be 80°F out and the water temperature can still be like 50°F. This feels amazing on hot humid days and can do a lot to keep your internal body temperature low.

#8 Pitch Your Tent The Right Way

In case you’re wondering – yes. How you pitch your tent matters for air flow. So, make sure to stake your reflective guy lines away from the tent.

Besides, keeping your tent upright, which is helpful in gusts, having the guy lines stretched away allows for air flow. If you plant the guy lines close to the tent, it restricts air circulation.



What to look for in a tent for summer weather?

Are tents for hot weather more expensive than others?

Are such tents waterproof?

Final Verdict

Summer camping offers so many benefits. You can play outside without the worry of frostbite or hypothermia. The places that you like to visit are all open and not covered in snow. And it’s a great way to bond with your family, especially if you have kids since they will likely be out of school.

Make sure that you bring along the right tent for the camping you intend to do. Again, our recommended choice for hot weather tent is the airy Eureka Summer Pass.

And ultimately, just be sure to have fun no matter where you go this summer.

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