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Hiking Advice & Useful Hacks

I’m no self-proclaimed hiking guru or a know-It-all backpacking expert. I’m here just to share my passion and modest knowledge with you. Still, I’m quite happy (and a bit surprised) that people seem to like what we write. This section is all about how to make the best out of your outdoor adventure.

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Who Said Camping?

It’s not a surprise. Hiking and camping go hand in hand like a rhythm and blues. We have some hot tips to share based on years of wild experience. Let’s start with the most important tip right away – set up your tent first. Drink later. Seriously, you’ll find great value in this section.

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Hiking Backpack And Gear Reviews

Me and my small team of nerdy writers and experienced collaborators spend tens of hours each week to provide you with highly informational reviews that help you choose the right backpack and hiking gear. We test some of the stuff ourselves but we also research like crazy and ask fellow backpackers for their personal feedback.

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Amazing Hiking Destinations

Follow our nature escapades and discover amazing hiking destinations and useful information about known and unknown places all over the world. Because, you know, hiking is not so fun when you just write or read about it. You have to fully experience it!

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