9 Best Tent Stakes For High Winds That Pro Campers Trust

One of the most important and admittedly overlooked pieces of camping equipment are tent stakes, also known as tent pegs.

We figure we can get away with not staking out our tents, because we are going to put our gear inside and that should keep our tent from blowing away, right?

Well, let me tell you a secret.

The wind doesn’t care about how much weight you have inside of that tent. If a strong enough wind blows, your tent is taking a one-way trip into the next county if it’s not staked down properly!

Stakes are made from a wide variety of material and are built differently to accommodate a wide range of environments.

To help you decide which stakes you should buy for your next camping adventure, we have put in the work to narrow down the best tent stakes for high winds, so you don’t end up on the internet as the next camping fails star!

When doing intensive research and testing, our expert team used the following criteria to sift out the worthy tent pegs from the not so worthy ones:

  • Brand reputation
  • Materials (directly related to durability and weight)
  • Length
  • Weight
  • Shape
  • Price

So, if you want to know what are the pegs you can really count on to keep your tent firmly on the ground, no matter what, as well as learn some insider tips on the topic, continue reading.

Let’s begin.

Our Top 3 Picks Based On Expert Opinion

Best overall value
We used a bunch of these pegs to stabilize a two-person tent in a windy storm and we were impressed by their quality. They are shorter and lighter than most tent stakes, but, boy, they are durable and don’t bend!
  • Three-sided design allows for a steadier gripping
  • Suitable for many ground types
  • Made of indestructible Aluminum Easton
  • Attached nylon pull-cord for easy removal
Runner up
Made of bombproof S45C forged steel, you can be sure that these stakes can take a beating!
  • 12" long for more stability in windy weather
  • Large head and sharp end make them easy to penetrate rocky ground
  • Solid hook prevents them from going to deep
  • Come with a stuff sack for easy storage
Best budget choice
If you don’t want to break the bank and still feel secure when camping in windy weather, then look no further! Eurmax wowed us with an excellent price to quality ratio.
  • 10 inches long, perfect for stability
  • Large head for mallet driving
  • Made of galvanized steel
  • The set includes a bonus of four 10ft. ropes and a green stopper

Best Tent Stakes For High Winds Compared

guh-table__imageMSR Ground Hog
  • Material: Aluminum Easton
  • Length: 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 0.5 oz.
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guh-table__imageBareFour 8-pack
  • Material: S45C forged steel
  • Length: 12 inches
  • Weight: 0.37 lbs.
  • Stuff sack included
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guh-table__imageEurmax 10-pack
  • Material: Galvanized steel
  • Length: 10 inches
  • Weight: 3.2 oz.
  • 4 ropes and a green stopper included
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guh-table__imagePrimal Force 10-pack
  • Material: Steel
  • Length: 8.1 inches
  • Weight: 3.5 oz.
  • Plastic carry case and a stake puller included
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guh-table__imageSahara Sailor 8-pack
  • Material: Iron
  • Length: 9.8 inches
  • Weight: 0.35 oz.
  • Tent mallet included
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guh-table__imageDarkEagle 8-pack
  • Material: S45C forged steel
  • Length: 8 inches
  • Weight: 4.4 oz.
  • Set of 8 tensioners included
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guh-table__imageRIY 8-pack
  • Material: Steel
  • Length: 12 inches
  • Weight: 5.7 oz.
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guh-table__imageYard Tuff 12-pack
  • Material: Steel
  • Length: 18 inches
  • Weight: 0.45 lbs.
  • 1-year warranty
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guh-table__imageSE Heavy Duty 10-pack
  • Material: Threaded high carbon steel
  • Length: 10.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.84 oz.
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#1 MSR Ground Hog

msr ground hog tent stake

The MSR Ground Hog Stakes are the ideal stakes to take with you both into the backcountry and for car camping alike. Their innovative tri-sided design allows them to be shorter and lighter compared to other camping stakes, while not sacrificing on their ability to hold down a tent in high winds.

  • Innovative design makes these stakes great for a wide variety of uses.
  • Will keep your tent firmly attached to the ground in the strongest of winds.
  • Lightweight to take backpacking.
  • You can buy the exact amount that you need for your specific tent.
  • Can get a bit pricy when ordering many stakes. Still totally worth it.
  • Pulling the stakes out of the ground can be a bit of a pain if you don’t have pliers or make modifications to the tops of the stakes because they don’t have a hook at the top the way traditional stakes do.

MSR has been around since the late 1970s, so you know that you’re getting a quality product when you go with them.

They strive to create products that keep you safe while adventuring in high alpine environments, which can be one of the most unforgiving places on Earth.

That’s why the MSR Ground Hog Stakes are a must have for anyone who needs their tent stakes to hold their tent down in the most extreme weather events.

The stakes are made out a very strong aluminum blend that will ensure that they stay straight and true for years to come.

I have used them for my MSR Hubba NX tent for 3 years, and I can vouch for their quality. During those years, I have pitched my tent in some truly windy places. I have also survived several furious storms. No issues whatsoever.

The three-sided design allows for extra gripping power in almost any environment, while also reducing the amount of length and weight needed to achieve what longer stakes do. This cuts down on weight and overall size of the stake, which is ideal for backpackers.

You can order the stakes à la carte, which can add up if you’re ordering several stakes to hold down your tent. You can get as many as you need.

The cost of these stakes can be justified though in how durable, light, and bomber they are at keeping a tent firmly attached to the ground in the strongest of windstorms.

Their length is 7.5 inches, and the weight is only 0.5 oz.

#2 BareFour Heavy Duty Stakes 8-pack

barefour heavy duty tent stakes 8 pack

The BareFour Heavy Duty Camping Stakes are forged out of S45C steel, which makes them the most durable stake on the market. One of the biggest problems that campers deal with is that they accidentally bend or snap stakes, rendering them useless when they are needed the most. These stakes deliver peace of mind by solving that problem completely!

  • Long length helps drive these stakes deep into the ground.
  • Hold down tents in hard dirt as well as sandy conditions.
  • Extremely hard metal makes bending these stakes just about impossible.
  • Comes with a stuff sack for easier storage
  • Don’t have a way to see them when it’s dark outside, so you’ll need to be extra careful when walking around camp to avoid tripping and injuring yourself.
  • Heavy (that’s because of the extremely strong forged S45C steel).

The label of “heavy-duty” is no understatement with this bombproof set of 8 tent pegs. Metal is everything when constructing tougher than nails products, and the BareFour Heavy Duty Camping Stakes did not have any shortcut taken when they were made.

At 12” long, these stakes are also a top choice for holding a tent or any other structure firmly to the ground in a variety of soil conditions, no matter how hard the wind blows.

These come with a convenient hook.

Why is this convenient?

First, it allows you to pull out the peg with a hammer. That’s thanks to the hole on the hook.  Second, it prevents the stake from going to deep in the ground, making it difficult to remove after use.

While these stakes are amazing for keeping a tent securely fastened to the ground no matter the conditions, the main difference between the BareFour Camping Stakes and the Darkeagle Stakes and the Sahara Sailors, is that they don’t come with a green glow in the dark ring on top of the stake.

This means you won’t be able to see them as easily when walking around camp, so be sure to take caution when walking near your tent so you don’t accidentally trip on one!

The weight of each of the tent stakes is 0.37 lbs. Not exactly lightweight, but it’s a tradeoff for exceptional durability.

#3 Eurmax Galvanized Stakes 10-pack

eurmax tent stakes with ropes

Car campers and glampers can rejoice about the Eurmax Galvanized Non-Rust Camping stakes. These tougher than nails stakes are ultra-heavy duty and won’t bend or break when driving them into the ground with a hammer or rubber mallet. At 10 inches long, you can use these stakes to securely fasten tents, easy ups, and just about anything else you don’t want to get blown away by the wind. Tested and approved by our in-house team.

  • Budget friendly option because you get a pack of 10 pegs at a good price.
  • Very sturdy and can withstand being driven into the ground with a hammer instead of a rubber mallet.
  • Great for keeping tents on the ground when driven into compacted dirt, clay, or other firm ground.
  • Come with a bonus – 4 ropes, 10 feet each and a green stopper
  • Not great for sandy environments since they will be pulled right out of the ground when the wind blows hard. In other words, not so ideal for beach camping.

If you need a dependable set of stakes for car camping, glamping, or even backpacking that won’t break the bank, look no further than the Eurmax Galvanized Non-Rust Camping Stakes.

Eurmax specializes in creating a wide variety of outdoor shelter products and knows what it takes to keep each of their products from tents to easy ups securely fastened to the ground.

Each stake in the 10-pack set is 10 inches long and has a 2-inch-wide top that allows you to easy fasten your guy lines, ropes, and tent loops to the stakes.

If you’re concerned at all about your tent loops coming off of the stake, especially compared to the MSR Ground Hog Stakes, these will give you the peace of mind that you’ve been seeking.

The sharp end at the bottom is great for penetrating through a variety of soil conditions. Rocks will tremble at the thought of being busted apart by these burly stakes!

The only environment that you may see some trouble in is in sandy environments. High winds will pull these stakes clean out of the ground in loose soil, so be sure to check the soil consistency before placing these stakes into the ground.

At 2lbs 5oz, (the total weight of all 10 stakes) these stakes are a bit on the heavy side. While this is somehow expected given the galvanized steel they are made of, this doesn’t make them the ideal choice for backpackers and ultralight hikers.

Still, each peg weighs 3.2 oz, which is fine in cases when you don’t need to carry the entire set in your backpack. However, car campers and glampers will enjoy all benefits of these excellent stakes without having to worry about the weight.

One of our friends uses them on his 8-person tent and recently survived a heavy storm with some strong gusts.

Just be sure to have a way to keep them all together, as these stakes don’t come with a bag to keep them all in one place.

#4 Primal Force Heavy Duty 20-pack

primal force heavy duty tent stakes set of 20

One of the coolest things about these stakes is the screw like design at the bottom. This is incredibly innovative and is very helpful for getting the last few inches driven into the ground. These are great for environments where the ground is especially tough! Besides the innovative design, these stakes come with a stake puller, which makes taking them out of the ground a cinch!

  • Very durable with heavy duty steel that’s corrosion resistant.
  • Red tops help you see where the stakes are so that they aren’t a tripping hazard.
  • The screw tip design helps bust through hard, rocky soil.
  • Come with additional accessories – a stake puller and a plastic case for easy organization.
  • You must be very careful not to break the plastic toppers by putting too much tension on the guy lines.

When you need to bust through tough dirt that just seems to bend other stakes, the Primal Force Heavy Duty Stakes should be your go to solution for keeping your tent on the ground.

The screw design is great for gripping the dirt, and you can also use it to twist the stake into place when using a mallet just isn’t getting the job done.

These stakes are a couple of inches shorter than the Eurmax stakes at 8.1 inches, but the screw like bottom gives added surface area for the stake to grab onto, similarly to the MSR Ground Hogs.

The tops of these bestselling pegs are covered in a high visibility red plastic, making them easy to see, so that you don’t end up tripping over them while walking around camp.

We really liked the spiral base of each peg. It grips the ground firmly and once you drive them into the ground, they stay there.

The Primal Force stakes come in a package of 20 stakes, that also include the stake puller and a plastic stake carrying case. This is a beneficial feature for car campers, as it will keep your stakes in one place instead of scattered all over the place.

While these are great for car camping, the weight of the stakes isn’t friendly for backpackers. Coming in at over 2lbs, the Primal Force Heavy Duty Stakes are better for those who don’t have to carry camp in on their backs.

#5 Sahara Sailor Stakes 8-pack

sahara sailor steel tent stakes rust proof

At 11.8 inches, the Sahara Sailor Tent Stakes are great for just about any environment. They pierce through hard ground with ease, and can hold down a tent on a sandy surface, holding firm against the strongest of winds, which makes them an all-around great stake! Check those out!

  • You can use them in just about every environment, from hard dirt to sandy beaches.
  • Designed with multiple ways to remove the stakes from the ground, which makes packing up easier. And a high-carbon camp mallet is included!
  • Green ring on top helps you easily see where they are, so you don’t trip over them.
  • Lightweight enough to carry into the backcountry for backpackers.
  • You only get 8 when you order a set, meaning that you’ll need to put in two orders if you need more than 8 stakes as they aren’t sold individually.

The Sahara Sailor Tent Stakes impressed us.

Do you know why?

They are all the good things about the MSR Ground Hogs, Eurmax, and Primal force stakes combined into one all-around great stake.

Coming in at 0.35 oz per stake, the Sahara Sailor stakes are a viable option for hikers and car campers alike.

At almost 12” in length, the Sahara Sailors dig deep into the soil and keep whatever you want attached to the ground glued to the earth, no matter how hard the wind blows.

And just like the Primal Force Heavy Duty Stakes, the Sahara Sailors also have a safety feature at the top to show where they are, so you don’t accidentally trip over them.

The biggest and most impressive difference between the two is that the Sahara Sailor stakes don’t have their safety feature as part of the piece that holds the guy lines onto the stakes.

A green glow in the dark ring sits snuggly just below the top of the stake, which makes for easy sighting whenever you’re walking around camp.

When you get a set of these stakes, you’ll receive 8 stakes and 1 flathead hammer with a hook on the opposite side. This will immensely help you drive the stakes into the ground, while also giving you a tool to pull them out.

The best part?

If you are a backpacker and don’t want to bring the added weight of the hammer with you, you can simply attach some paracord or spare guy line to the hole at the top of the stake.

It was intentionally designed to facilitate the removal of the stakes in the event you don’t have a hook to remove them from the ground!

#6 Darkeagle Forged Steel Pegs 8-pack

darkeagle tent pegs made of forged steel

The number one competitor of the Sahara Sailor are the Darkeagle Tent Stakes. They have many of the same features of the Sahara Sailors such as their glow in the dark green ring at the top of the stake for high visibility. The same goes for the added hole at the top to make removal easy for those who don’t have a stake removing hook with them. Wanna learn the differences and their advantages?

  • Choice of length based on your needs and where you want to go camping.
  • Glow in the dark top ring makes them easy to see at all times of day.
  • Additional tensioners allow you to add more guy lines to your tent or replace broken guy lines for more security against high winds.
  • Made out of prime forged S45C steel for extreme durability. No bending at all even in strong gusts and storms.
  • Much like the Primal Force Stakes, they are fairly heavy and aren’t ideal for backpacking. Good for short hikes, though, when you don’t bring along the kitchen sink.

At first glance, it seems as if the Darkeagle Tent Stakes are a rebranded version of the Sahara Sailors. You wouldn’t be wrong, because they have a lot of the same features!

The sharp bottom designed to drive through just about anything you encounter. The added hole on top, which makes for easy and pain-free removal at the end of a trip. Even the green glow in the dark ring at the top of the stake is similar!

The main difference with these stakes is the metal that is used to make each stake. It’s a bit heavier, making it, so that each stake weighs about 4.4oz.

For this reason, they are a bit heavy for backpackers to take along with them. For short hikes, however, their weight is totally acceptable.

I have carried them in my Osprey Stratos 50 backpack for a weekend-long backpacking trip into the backcountry. You can read a review of my pack here, if you like.

If you’re driving to your campsite, you will definitely enjoy the durability and the option of length though!

You have the option to order the 8” or 12” stake depending on your preferences. If you plan on going camping or putting up an easy up on a sandy surface, you’ll want to go with the 12” version of these stakes, as that will help keep your structure firmly on the ground!

The Darkeagle Tent Stakes also come with a set of 8 tensioners, one for every stake that comes in a package. These tensioners are made out aluminum, making them much sturdier than the plastic tensioners that usually come standard with tent guy lines.

What a relief!

#7 RIY Heavy Duty Tent Pegs 8-pack

riy tent pegs that don't bend or break

The RIY Heavy Duty Tent Stakes are some of the most durable and long-lasting stakes on the market. Not only are they made of forged steel, but they are also coated in a great paint that will keep them from rusting for years and years of use. We found that their exceptional rating is well-deserved. Check those out!

  • Heavy duty steel makes them practically unbendable.
  • Will hold down your tent in a variety of soil and weather conditions.
  • Come with a handy storage bag to keep them organized.
  • Sharp head and sharp end for ease of use on any terrain
  • A bit pricy compared to other stakes made of the same materials.

The RIY tent stakes have some of the best durability for the money on this list. Like the Primal Force and BareFour stakes, the RIY stakes are made of steel, making them nearly indestructible.

Try all you want. You’ll never bend these stakes! When testing, we tried to bend them with pliers in vain!

You’ll be able to adventure far and wide and know that your tent is securely fastened to the ground, since each of the 8 stakes that comes in a package is 12” of holding power that will secure your tent to the ground in any soil condition.

They are a bit pricy for what you get, though. They lack the benefits of the Sahara Sailors and the Darkeagle stakes of having a green ring at the top for easy visibility.

As of this writing, the RIY stakes are a bit more expensive than the other steel constructed stakes on this review.

Each peg weighs just 5.7 oz, which makes them suitable for glamping and hiking alike.

#8 Yard Tuff Rebar Stakes 12-pack

yard tuff rebar pegs

The Yard Tuff Rebar Tent Stakes are for those who are going camping and want to be 100% sure their tent will never in a million years fly away, no matter how strong the wind gets. That’s because these trusted by thousands of campers stakes are 18” in length and are constructed with ribs all the way down the stake. This allows for them to grip the ground incredibly well and hold fast in the strongest of winds.

  • Incredibly tough construction, proven to withstand high winds
  • Very good in sandy conditions thanks to the ribs down the sides of the entire stake.
  • Large loop at the top can accommodate many sizes of rope, which can be helpful in securing large tents to sandy surfaces.
  • 1-year warranty
  • A bit expensive
  • Not so great for backpacking due to their weight.

Rebar is used to strengthen and reinforce concrete, so you know that when your stakes are made of the same things that are used to make buildings, you’re getting a darn tough product.

The Yard Tuff stakes are ideal for campers that visit sandy locations often as the ribs on the sides of the stakes help them create abundant surface area for them to grip.

These are nothing too fancy, as they literally are just 18” sections of rebar with a metal loop welded onto the top for fastening guy lines around and for easy removal from the ground.

Each pack of Yard Tuff stakes comes with 12 stakes that will surely secure your tent in any soil condition against any wind out there.

What makes those pegs stand out from the rest are three things:

  • The angled ends of each stake allow you to drive them in the ground super easy. Plus, there’s a 1-inch loop on the end, that’s very useful for attaching straps and ropes.
  • The manufacturer provides one year warranty that backs up your purchase. 
  • The exterior of the stakes is ribbed, making them easier to stay firmly in ground for longer.

Keep in mind that the weight of each peg is 0.45 lbs. I found them a bit heavy to put them in a backpack and walk extensively. It’s OK if you’re reaching camp by car, though.

#9 Se Heavy Duty Metal Stakes 10-pack

se heavy duty tent stakes

These top-rated pegs are made of galvanized steel. Based on in-house research and extensive testing, we found them being incredibly tough. The point of each stake is made specifically for you to drive it easily into the toughest of soils. At the top, you’ll find it easy to hammer them into the ground, because of the large nail surface that is nearly impossible to miss with your hammer or rubber mallet!

  • Very sturdy, won’t bend easily.
  • Excellent weight to strength ratio thanks to the carbon steel.
  • Easy to see and use green stopper keeps guy lines and tent loops from slipping over top of the stake once it’s in the ground.
  • Suitable for any soil type
  • A bit more expensive than brands that have the exact same quality of product.
  • Don’t come with a storage bag like other tent stakes on our list

These tent stakes are almost a carbon copy of the Eurmax model reviewed above. Each of these stakes comes with a plastic green topper that helps prevent guy lines and tent loops from slipping over top.

They are just as long as the Eurmax stakes at 10.5 inches, and are made of galvanized steel, which makes them super sturdy.

The best environment for these stakes to be used in is where you have access to solid ground. Due to their short length and lack of surface area on the stakes, the SE Heavy Duty stakes can easily be pulled out of sandy soil in the event of a high wind.

Their major difference from the Eurmax is that they don’t come with extra guy lines and they are about $5 more expensive than the Eurmax at the time of writing this review.

That, although you get the same number of stakes in the SE Heavy Duty stakes as you do with the Eurmax stakes. They are quite lightweight (only 3.84 oz.), which makes them ideal for hikers and backpackers.

We used them to strengthen a canopy in a storm several months ago and they hold up darn well. That's why we include them on this list. Because they are tested on the field.

What makes a set of tent stakes good for high winds?

Needless to say, high winds can be a giant pain when you’re camping. That is why a tent peg is one of the most important tent components for ensuring that your shelter will resist gusts and storms.

a man putting tent pegs

By the way, not every tent is waterproof, so consider this if you’re planning camping in bad weather.

The best stakes for high winds have at least some of the following features. Ideally, they have all of them:

  • Large surface area to grip tightly into the ground and resist tension in guy lines
  • Appropriate length – the minimum is 8 inches. The longer, the better.
  • Steel materials – for higher durability look for titanium alloy or forged S45C steel. Carbon steel is also great, since in such cases, the strength to weight ratio is unbeatable.
  • Presence of an arm at the top of the stake to direct the tension to a point deep under the ground. This enhances the overall balance of the peg with almost zero leverage.
  • “V” shape for easier and steadier driving into the ground or Delta shape. The latter points directly toward the tent and can’t turn. Delta pegs are entirely buried in the ground and are often springy to absorb wind shock.
  • Hook extension that could also be pushed into the ground for further stability and tension resistance. A hook is also good for tightening up the rope.
  • Easy to be driven into the ground.
  • Support multiple ground types.

The MSR Ground Hogs are an explicit example of stakes that aren’t long, but can hold a tent down in high winds due to the tri-sided design.

The added surface area helps them grip the soil better, which helps keep your tent where you like it: firmly on Earth!

Long stakes will also help a lot in keeping your tent on the ground. If you’re going camping in extremely windy areas, try to bring along the longest stake you can to drive deep into the ground.

Again, the more surface area that is gripping dirt, the better.

Tent Stakes To Avoid Using In High Winds

Stakes that don’t perform well in high winds generally are shorter than 8”, have narrow diameter (below 4 cm), and don’t have multiple surfaces to grip the dirt.

Image via Camping Links, Flickr.

Plastic stakes are also not appropriate for holding down a tent in high winds, as they tend to slip out of the ground easily.

As for the shape, avoid nail shaped (straight) tent stakes as they can’t handle high winds. The corkscrew shape, even not ideal, is better. Especially for sand and if the peg is made of titanium.

What are the different types of tent stakes?

A few different styles of tent stakes are:

  • Tri-sided stakes
  • Ultralight titanium hook stakes
  • Plastic screw in stakes (these are best for beach camping)
  • Galvanized steel stakes
  • Rebar stakes
  • Wire pegs

In general, you want to bring along the stakes that will be appropriate for the type of camping you want to do and the weather you plan on encountering.

different tent pegs

Photo by Pig Monkey on Foter.com

If you’re hiking and carrying all your gear on your back, it’s best to bring along stakes that are as light as possible without sacrificing durability or holding power.

If you’re driving to the campground, your choices are really limited by your budget and where you plan on camping the most.

Long plastic screw in stakes might be better suited for sand as compared to short steel stakes. So, if you’re tent camping on the beach more or in the desert (if you’re stargazing), get a set of those instead of metal stakes.

On the other side of things, you certainly don’t want to take plastic screw in stakes when going into a rocky environment, as they won’t be able to adequately pierce the soil to keep your tent from flying away.

What are Some of the trusted tent peg brands on the market?

The absolute best brands on the market for tent stakes are:

  • MSR
  • Vargo
  • Toaks
  • Eurmax

What winds are considered high winds?

When winds start to pick up to speeds of 25 to 30 miles per hour, you might experience some issues with your tent being blown around.

Anything above those speeds is going to cause some serious problems. Wind can gust up to above 50 miles per hour when at those sustained speeds, which can flatten a tent.

Hey, the good part is the wind blows away annoying insects out of your tent. Plus, it helps in drying your tent quickly from the rain.

Tips for camping in high winds

One of the best things that you can do when camping in high winds is try to get something to block the wind from blasting your tent.

A hill, boulder, or large tree might be decent wind blockers (be careful with trees, though, and be sure that there isn’t anything hung up in them that might fall on top of you). Next, try to stake out as many points on your tent as possible to give it support and structure. It also limits how much the wind can grab the tent and shake it around, so the more points that you can stake out, the better.

Also, make sure that you have the best possible tent for high winds. In addition, don’t miss setting up the guy lines properly. They are essential for stability.

How to Use Tent Stakes To Pitch Your In Windy Weather

Here’s a cool looking infographic that’s useful:

How To Use Tent Stakes

Start by finding a location that has a bit of a barrier to the winds. You’d be surprised how well walking around a hill can be to creating enough of a block to slow winds down!

Then look for soil that doesn’t have very many roots nearby. Roots are harder to drive stakes into than rocks, because they don’t move as much as rocks do when driving stakes into the ground.

Next, you want to stake out as many points on your tent as you possibly can. By doing this, you’ll help keep the wind from grabbing hold of large pieces of your tent to rip it out of the ground.

Finally, fortify your stakes by placing rocks on top of as many stakes as you can. This will help provide a bit of extra strength to your stakes, ensuring that they will stay put in the face of the most brutal of gusts.

In addition, we have an extensive guide on how to use tent stakes

How to windproof your tent?

Tents are only as windproof as the materials they are made of. Carbon fiber and aluminum tent poles are going to be some of the best tent poles for dealing with the wind, as they are durable and don’t snap easily.

They bend with the wind and then resume their shape and strength easily.

You also want to install as many guy line points as possible to fortify your tent against the wind. By doing this, you’ll strengthen your tent’s ability to stand up to the strongest of winds because it’s being held down by several stakes and guy lines.

What wind speed can a tent withstand?

Tents are able to deal with different wind speeds based on the materials they are made of and the number of points that they are staked out to.

Cheap tents will get chewed up by the wind because their materials aren’t top quality. This can result in tent poles snapping or getting bent in relatively calm winds.

On the other side of the equation, tents made of high-quality materials and staked down to multiple points can withstand storm force winds of 50 mph or greater. It all depends on materials and how well the tent is set up.

Final Verdict

Finding the most appropriate set of tent stakes for high winds for you depends on the type of camping you’re planning to do.

Are you hiking to the campsite or rather driving? On what ground you will pitch your tent? What is the weather forecast for the days? What type of tent do you have?

Answering those questions in advance will greatly help in making the right choice. Our final verdict is definitive, though.

The best all round tent stake for high winds is the MSR Ground Hog Stake. It is super sturdy, well-priced, and we tested and approved it for performing great in high winds.

Now go and enjoy a fantastic camping trip!

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