7 Gorgeous Backpacks With A Detachable Daypack [2020]

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Imagine you’re on your dream hiking vacation for several days.

You camp at a gorgeous green place surrounded by breathtaking trails just a stone’s throw away from your bivouac. To quickly explore those nearby trails, you need a bottle of water, a jacket, a small snack, and probably your camera.

Now imagine what would be like to use your bulky 55 L pack just for that. Totally unfitting, right? Or you travel for a week in Europe with your 60 L rucksack and you decide to explore Paris for a day. It would be tough to walk in such a busy city wearing a voluminous pack on your back.

Fortunately, in our modern world that’s constantly developing, people can use backpacks with a detachable daypack. In similar situations, they are a true treasure. More importantly, they can ease your life.

No matter if you’re looking to buy such a backpack or you’re just trying to find more information, you’re at the right place. In this article, you’ll find the best packs on the market that include a removable knapsack.

We analyzed and carefully selected these backpacks based on their features, specifications, and customer reviews. Some of them, we tested ourselves, so we know their pros but also their cons. The competition was rough. Each pack has beaten other packs to deserve a place in this catalogue.

You’re about to see the final result – a comprehensive list containing only top-notch backpacks that perfectly fulfill their task no matter if it’s for hiking, backpacking or travelling.

But we couldn’t just leave you with a bunch of packs with a “Buy” button below. Naah, this isn’t our credo. That’s why we created a practical and informative buying guide combining some of the most common questions (and their answers) that people have prior to buying a backpack with an integrated daypack.

This guide will help you make the right choice according to your personal preferences. Moreover, it will expand your knowledge about backpacks in general.

Let’s start by giving you a neat table comprising all packs on our list.

Transparency Is Important For Us

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Best Backpacks With A Detachable Daypack : Quick Overview


Total Volume


Daypack Type And Volume


55 L

5.02 lbs (2.28 kg)

daypack / 13 L

65 L

2.49 lbs (1.13 kg)

sling pack / 10 L

60 L

5.04 lbs (2.29 kg)

 daypack / ~18 L

80 L

5 lbs (2.4 kg)

daypack / 15 L

65 L

4.85 lbs (2.2 kg)

daypack / ~10 L

60 L

4.05 lbs (1.83 kg)

daypack / 20 L

48 L

3.64 lbs (1.65 kg)

daypack / 10 L

#1 Osprey Farpoint 55 L

osprey farpoint 55 l

Click image to see the pack on Amazon.

When you go for an Osprey you go for an exquisite quality, that’s hard to match. With a volume of 42 L plus a 13 L zipp-off daypack, the award-winning Farpoint totals 55 L of fantastic organization and comfort. This pack has many flexible features that make it a great choice for both traveling and outdoor adventures. Of course, it comes with Osprey’s legendary All Mighty Guarantee that protects your purchase for life.

The 13 L daypack that’s attached on the front is easily removable with a simple pull of the zippers. The daypack itself is very well thought out. It has a laptop compartment, a protected tear-resistant stash pocket, and a lockable main compartment for maximum security. On top of that, there are side pockets for water bottles and a detachable spacer mesh harness that you can stow away in case you don’t need it.

Another cool thing is you can wear the little pack on your chest the Kangaroo style when you need fast access to important essentials. You can hang it to the main harness of the Farpoint.

The entire pack can easily hold up to 50 lbs of load (23 kg) and its weight is 5.02 lbs or 2.28 kg. If you remove the daypack or squish it enough, it easily fits as a carry-on.

What We Like

  • Outstanding suspension and ventilation – besides providing great air circulation and stable support, the reinforced trampoline mesh on the back panel is detachable along with the entire hip belt and harness. You can zip it off and not wear it whenever you need to. It stores under a zippered panel on the back side. This makes the pack lighter and flexible, which is helpful when you travel. The lightweight frame reduces tension from your shoulders by transferring the load to the hips, thus assuring you a more comfortable wear. 
  • Padded top and side handles that are especially handy when you have to transport the stuffed pack.
  • Compression front straps to improve load stability – you can use those to stabilize not only the attached daypack but to tighten up the entire gear for a fitter frame.
  • Detachable bottom straps for external gear organization – perfect for securing a sleeping bag or something similar.
  • Excellent possibilities for strategic packing of your gear thanks to internal compression strap system and multiple smartly built-in pockets.

What We Don't Like

  • Water bottles too small and impossible to reach on the go, especially when the pack is stuffed. / no side water bottles on the main pack.
  • Heavy when used with all the removable features.

#2 Kelty Coyote 65 L

kelty coyote 65 L

Click image to see full features.

Meet the heavy artillery! Coming from a reputable brand, Coyote incorporates spacious design and easeful features that will make your extended trips as comfortable as they can be. With a convertible top lid, a superbly designed suspension system, and terrific organization options, this multipurpose backpack also comes at an affordable price.

Don’t worry if you think this pack is big for you. You can easily reduce its size by removing the top lid and compressing its frame thanks to the side straps. That will allow you not only to shrink it but to stabilize the load.

The top lid transforms into an all-around sling pack that’s light, easily adjustable, and roomy enough to accommodate day outings. Its volume is around 10 L. Kelty Coyote can hold up to 60 lbs (27 kg) of gear and it’s surprisingly lightweight compared to other backpacks of the same size. Its weight is only 2.49 lbs or 1.13 kg.

What We Like

  • Amazingly comfy suspension system – the supportive PerfectFIT™ technology allows you to easily adjust the torso length while wearing the pack. It includes a reinforced multilayered hip belt and the entire harness system is lined with hex mesh for maximum breathability and cushioning. You feel how the pack hugs your torso and the load transfers evenly across your body. 
  • Sleeping bag compartment – you can fit a regular size bag in a bottom zippered pocket that’s easy to access.
  • Multi pocket organization – Kelty Coyote has top and side access points to the main compartment. The front panel zipper allows you to get anything without having to unload the entire content of the pack. There are ample zippered side pockets and a front organizer pocket with internal dividers for organizing your essentials. On the front, there’s a stretchable front pouch to put an item for an easy access and the pack has an internal hydration sleeve where you can put either a water reservoir or a laptop. The hip belt and side water bottle pockets are very roomy and can be reached on the go.
  • Pass-through behind the side pockets creates options for attaching long objects such as walking poles or tent poles.
  • Very sturdy reinforced materials able to withstand years of raw use no matter the circumstances. The main fabric is 420D poly and the bottom and stress points have added poly 75x150D tasser coal that’s difficult to tear or damage

What We Don't Like

  • No rain cover included.
  • Because of its size and volume, the pack requires careful adjustment and good packing skills to achieve a comfortable fit.

#3 Osprey Aether AG 60 L

osprey aether ag 60 L

Probably it will be enough to mention that this high-class Osprey model has once been on the cover of Time Magazine! Looking at its matchless quality, that doesn’t come as a surprise. Equipped with mind-blowing features that you didn’t know even existed and including an enhanced version of the topnotch AntiGravity™ suspension system, this is a pack whose legendary name speaks for itself. Be sure to check it out!

The Aether AG has a floating top lid that’s easily convertible to a DayLid daypack with an approximate volume of 16 – 20 L. It’s very easy to deploy and it has its own cool features such as a ventilated harness and a chest strap with multiple positions.

In addition, this little pack comes with a zippered stash pocket on the front, an external hydration sleeve, and even a removable ice axe loop. And don’t worry – when you remove the top lid, you are still able to cover the opening of the main pack thanks to the FlapJacket™ integrated cover.

Osprey Aether AG is capacious enough to be used on multi-day outdoor expeditions and comfortable enough to serve you well when backpacking or simply travelling. The super strong materials (210D nylon dobby) make the pack bombproof. Its weight is 5.04 lbs or 2.29 kg.

An especially useful feature is that the pack has three access points to the main compartment. You can reach the main interior via the top, bottom (using the divider in the sleeping bag compartment), and via a side zipper that makes the pack open like a luggage. This comes in handy when you have to take out a specific item that's located in the middle, without making a mess pulling everything else out. 

Let's check out the major pros and cons.

What We like

  • Upgraded AntiGravity system that provides superb ventilation and premium foam padding on the back panel, shoulder straps, and on the hip belt. Speaking of the IsoForm™ hip belt, you have the ability to custom-shape it for a better fit and adjust it on the go. The reinforced lumbar support area is with integrated stiff bars that help to release the load off your shoulders and distribute it more to your hips. When adjusted properly the backpack becomes a part of your body and you don’t feel the heaviness of the load. 
  • Modifiable torso length – again, this is a common feature, courtesy of most Osprey packs. That’s super convenient when you need to adjust the Aether AG to your frame for an ultimate fit and stability while walking. 
  • Sleeping bag compartment – this one’s on the top of the pack, it’s zippered and has an internal divider that gives you the freedom to put your bag and something else inside.
  • Flexible hydration compatibility – with the Aether AG, you have the choice to place your water reservoir externally in the harness or internally in a hydration sleeve. If you decide to go with the external option, you can use the 3 L internal sleeve for packing something else. In that case, the pack becomes 63 L.
  • Excellent internal and external organization – be sure that this pack gives you everything you need to pack everything you need. It has an additional side zippered access to the main compartment, large elastic front pocket, hip belt pockets, and double stretchable mesh side pockets for water bottles. On top of that, the Aether AG is compatible with the Daylite and Daylite Plus daypack series which gives you the option to attach another daypack on the front, should you need more volume or quick access to some items. You also have removable sleeping pad straps on the bottom, quick access to walking poles thanks to the Stow-on-the-Go™ system, and great options for stabilizing your gear thanks to side compression straps with buckles and the front StraightJacket™ compression.

What We Don't Like

  • No rain cover included for the US version.
  • No waist strap on the daypack

#4 Roamm Nomad 65 L + 15 L

roamm nomad 80 l backpack

Click image to see the pack on Amazon.

Feature-rich and extremely well-built Roamm Nomad surprises with its affordable price. This multi-day pack is a great go-to choice whether it is for traveling, hiking or camping. Its sturdiness, ample capacity, and detachable structure make it excellent for rough expeditions into the wilderness, no matter the type of terrain. It comes with a lifetime warranty, adjustable torso length, and a sewn-in rain cover to protect your precious gear. Check it out!

Roamm Nomad has a volume of 65 L and an easily detachable 15 L daypack that sits on the front. That makes 80 L in total.

The small rucksack is perfect for day hikes and short trips when you need just a few items with you. It has dual side water pockets, padding on the shoulder straps, and loops on the top and bottom with cords to attach an ice axe or walking poles.

The entire backpack can hold comfortably up to 55 lbs or 25 kg. The weight is 5 lbs or 2.4 kg, which is awesome for a pack of this size. The durable fabrics (500D Nylon) and the reinforced, yet lightweight alloy frame reflect its purpose – to stay intact as long as possible in raw conditions.

What We Like

  • Detachable structure for volume and size customization – besides the removable 15 L daypack you can also remove the hip belt with its dual pockets and the top lid which is 3 L. That gives you options for strategic packing and ability to reduce the size and volume of the pack in case you need less bulk. 
  • Three-point access to the main compartment – it’s super easy to get to your desired items without unpacking the whole pack. You can access stuff from the top, side, and bottom zippered storage areas. 
  • Multiple pockets for a variety of essentials – the top lid has an internal meshed and an external zippered pocket for storing small objects such as a bushckraft knife or socks while the front stretchable pouch give you the possibility to attach wet clothes. There’s a separate space for your sleeping bag and two side pockets for your water bottles. There’s also an internal hydration sleeve and tube holes on both sides of the pack.
  • Many external attachment points – with Roamm Nomad you can even have a dedicated retainer to attach your sunglasses on the chest strap next to the survival whistle. Thanks to the loops on the floating lid you can fasten a solar panel, shoes or anything you like. There are also loops with shock cords on each side of the backpack to put your trekking poles, tripods or even a machete if you like.
  • Good ventilation and suspension – there’s a thick foam padding on the lumbar zone, on the shoulder straps, and on the hip belt. The back panel is well-ventilated thanks to the mesh netting and the bump-foam fabric that adds extra cushioning. The harness is fully adjustable, and the load is evenly distributed thanks to the sternum and waist belts

What We Don't Like

  • The side pockets are practically unreachable on the go when the backpack is fully stuffed.
  • Poor padding on the shoulder straps of the daypack.

#5 Gregory Baltoro 65 L

gregory baloro 65 l backpack

Click image to see this pack on Amazon.

In 2018, Gregory upgraded their multiple award-winning Baltoro model in their efforts to create a masterpiece of a backpack. Say hi to a new, improved version of a celebrated outdoor product. Packed with innovative comfort technologies featuring the latest Response A3 Suspension this pack lets YOU shape it according to your own body measurements. It’s designed for long distance hauling and offers amazing organizational options.

A big hit among backpackers and hikers, the Baltoro has an internal hydration sleeve that’s removable and serves as a daypack. It even has a name – the SideKick daypack! Its volume is approximately 10 L, and it’s ultralight – only 0.132 grams.

Beyond the main drawstring compartment this little pack has a shoulder harness including a waist belt and a zippered stash pocket on the front. It’s super convenient for carrying items you need for a short day hike no matter if you’re on the trail or in the city.

Other than that, the Baltoro can carry up to 55 lbs or 23 kg and its weight is 4.85 lbs or 2.2 kg. What’s particularly good is that you can completely remove the shoulder harness and the hip belt to swap for different sizing. That gives you a customized pack fit.

The improved 2018 model is lighter and the materials on the harness and the hip belt can dry quicker. Also, the hip belt pockets are much bigger serving as pouches able to accommodate even the biggest smartphones.

Expectedly, the fabrics are rugged allowing for an extensive use – 420D Honeycomb Cryptogrip Nylon with a combination of High Tenacity Nylon.

What We Like

  • Ultra-comfy Response A3 Suspension System saving you energy - the shoulder harness and the waist belt have the Auto Angle Adjust (A3) technology. That means they adapt individually to your movements and body frame while snugging to your torso as you walk. So forget about rubbing or abrasion and enjoy less fatigue and physical stress. Plus, you’re able to adjust the torso length by moving the shoulder straps between two slots on the back frame. Furthermore, the entire harness is ergonomically designed (S-shaped shoulder straps) and has thick EVA foam padding and 3D air mesh to provide unmatched cushioning and moisture management. The highly ventilated back panel contains premium breathable air mesh that stimulates air flow while keeping the pack close to your back for energy saving. The aluminum wishbone frame on the pack transfers the load to your hips by eliminating load shift. The lumbar area features a silicone reinforced padding that prevents slippage and enhances stability. 
  • Great assortment of pockets – the Baltoro has 9 exterior pockets that let you organize your gear the way you want for quick and easy access. Sure enough, that includes a sleeping bag compartment on the lower side with a divider. The top lid is huge and has 2 zippered pockets and an internal divider for improved organization. One of the hip belt pockets is weatherproofed ensuring reliable protection of your most valuable items. 
  • Large U-shaped front opening – this large zippered compartment gives you additional access to the main section which is great when you want to load or unload gear without wasting time.
  • Modifiable rain cover that is stored in a zippered pocket right under the top lid allowing for a quick deployment.
  • Additional practical features that ease your life, such as a tuck-away meshed bottle holster and sunglasses attachment point on the left shoulder strap.

What We Don't Like

  • Tons of adjustment options to achieve the ultimate fit.
  • Bulky

#6 Thule Landmark 60 L

Thule landmark 60 l pack

Click on image to see the pack on Amazon.

Imagine having a well-fitted backpack that is roomy, carry-on compliant, and packs as a suitcase. Honestly, it would be nearly impossible to find a better organized pack than Thule Landmark. Designed for traveling and backpacking, this pack features so many different sized pockets and compartments that it will be a challenge finding all of them. Seriously, you’ll fall in love with the quality that comes straight outta Sweden!

Thule Landmark has a main body of 40 L plus a 20 L removable daypack. The daypack is highly functional. The good part? You can also hang it on the shoulder harness so that it sits on your chest while you’re also wearing the main backpack. That gives you a hands-free carry when you need full capacity and easy access to important essentials.

The daypack has a well-ventilated back panel and a tech sleeve where you can safely store your 15” laptop. Furthermore, it has a sternum strap for added stability and an internal pocket for money and documents. There’s a deep side pocket for a water bottle too.

Thule Landmark is a heavy-duty backpack suitable for carry-on which is great when you use it extensively for traveling. The materials are super sturdy – 420D Dobby Polyester and 600D Polyester. The weight of the pack is 4.05 lbs or 1.83 kg with the add-on daypack.

What We Like

  • Stunning amount of internal pockets for smart organization – zippered, meshed, and even purposefully hidden, there are various pockets for various items. There is a single zippered access to the main compartment on the front panel that has compression straps to hold your clothes. And on the inside of it, there’s a separate mesh compartment with a zipper perfect for storing toilet accessories. 
  • Safe zone for enhanced protection of fragile or valuable objects – above the main compartment on the inside there’s a zippered panel which is reinforced with a hard shell. It serves to protect items such as smartphones, sunglasses, a passport, etc. It has its own separate mesh pockets, a key clip, and loops for putting pens. Under the Safe Zone, there’s a secret hidden pocket that is hard to find, yet practical to store your wallet in there. 
  • Lockable zippers – Thule Landmark is made with security and protection in mind. When you’re constantly on the move, it’s essential that your belongings are safe. All double zipper pulls are lockable and easily securable to prevent theft with an integrated loop lock system.
  • Foldable shoulder harness and hip belt – when not used you can conveniently tuck away the shoulder straps and the hip belt for easier carry and space saving.
  • Adjustable fit – with Thule Landmark, you can adjust the size and the length of the shoulder, hip belt, and sternum strap to create a fully customized wear based on your own body.

What We Don't Like

  • Stiff harness
  • Poor ventilation on the back panel

#7 Hynes Eagle 2 in 1 48 L

hynes eagle backpack

Click image to see the pack on Amazon.

Great for your urban commute life, travelling, and light backpacking trips, Hynes Eagle impresses with its sleek design and efficient organizational features. Verified buyers call this backpack comfortable and practical, and we can’t agree more. Hynes Eagle is designed for long durability and has plenty of possibilities for strategic packing. It’s water repellent, and it even has a place for your shades on one of the shoulder straps. See it for yourself!

The volume of the main pack is 38 L. It contains a stylish zip-off daypack with an additional volume of 10 L. For a little daypack, it’s well-organized and very handy. It has side pockets and a main compartment with multiple small organization compartments.

There’s a front zippered pocket too where you can fit a 12.9” electronic device of your choice. You have the option to adjust the shoulder straps as well.

Hynes Eagle weighs 3.64 lbs or 1.65 kg. And yes, it’s carry-on compliant – both packs can fit under plane seats and in the overhead compartment.

What We Like

  • Super capacious – with a total volume of 48 L and tons of storage space, Hynes Eagle can easily accommodate 2-4 day trips. The main compartment has a dedicated computer sleeve with a velcro strap that fits a 17” laptop. The pack is also equipped with a zippered mesh pocket, a removable organizer sleeve, and a premium organizer compartment where you can store small items. The compression straps with buckles enhance stability and portability. 
  • Surprisingly good fit and ventilation – on the back panel, there’s an air mesh that handles the moisture pretty well. The padding is not only on the shoulder straps and the back but also on the hip belt. You can effortlessly adjust the size of the entire harness (including the sternum strap) to fit your body size for comfortable carry.
  • Tuck-away straps – you can fold the straps in a back compartment when it’s more convenient to carry the pack in hand.
  • Extremely durable – designed to last, Hynes Eagle has water repellent and tear-resistant fabrics with a high denier – 850D nylon.
  • Three reinforced handles for easy carry – the backpack has handles on the top and on both sides. That’s handy when you have extra luggage and you have to carry it in your hand.

What We Don't Like

  • Tight side pockets on the daypack.
  • No water bottle pockets on the main pack.

Our Top Pick

our top pick

Winner of the Gold Outdoor Award at the outdoor trade show in Germany in 2017, #5 Gregory Baltoro 65 L also wins our Editor’s Choice Award.

Gregory Baltoro 65 L
60 Reviews
Gregory Baltoro 65 L
  • Response A3 (Auto Angle Adjust) Suspension creating unmatched comfort thanks to a combination of innovative frame and harness design that adapts to your body movements.
  • Stunning ventilation system and thick padding achieved with enhanced Eva foam padding and 3D air mesh technology that reduces fatigue and prevents strain.
  • Internal hydration sleeve transforms into a super practical SideKick Daypack perfect for short trips.
  • Custom-fit rain cover, sleeping bag compartment, and many other smart features designed to maximize comfort and ease your trip no matter its purpose.

Last update on 2020-10-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

With thousands of positive reviews and proven quality, the legendary model sets high standards for comfort, design, and constant improvement through innovation.

It’s the ultimate backpack whose price is a reflection of impeccable quality and high performance. No matter if it’s for traveling, hiking or backpacking, the Baltoro ticks all the boxes.

What makes this pack stand out is the unparalleled Response A3 suspension and ventilation technology and the smart organization. You just don’t feel that you’re wearing a full backpack when it’s on your back. It’s really as comfortable.

Sure enough, the included detachable SideKick daypack with a volume of 10 L also deserves a credit. It’s easy to deploy, practical, and lightweight.

Enough praise, see it for yourself. You won’t be sorry.

Benefits Of Detachable Daypacks

Let’s quickly reveal the main advantages of having a pack with a removable daypack:

  • It makes the entire volume customizable – when you need more space, you can attach the small pack to the main one thus adding some extra room. Similarly, you can lighten the weight of your bulky backpack by detaching the small rucksack whenever you need.
  • It’s great for traveling - these types of packs are perfect for carry-on. You can check-in your big pack and you can bring your most valuable items as a cabin luggage in the detachable rucksack. Some packs on our list are specifically designed for traveling.
  • It’s convenient for short hikes – when you’re at camp and you decide to conquer the nearest peak or just to explore the surroundings, you can bring a small amount of items in the daypack, leaving your sizeable backpack to rest. Detachable packs are very handy for unexpected side trips when you don’t need all your essentials.
  • It’s useful when backpacking around the world – when you travel extensively and many breathtaking places are on your list, you most likely need a backpack that’s over 60 L. However, when you arrive at the hostel and you decide to go sightseeing for the day, it’s best to zipp-off the daypack and explore your favorite city only with it on your back.

Are They Different From Standard Backpacks?

Backpacks with a removable rucksack are not different from a regular pack when it comes to fabrics, size, volume or features. They don’t require different care either. They act like standard backpacks that have an additional rucksack attached to the front with a zipper.

greogry backpack

In many backpacks, it’s the top lid that’s removable and transforms into a daypack.

In other cases, the daypacks are convertible, meaning that the top lid of the main backpack detaches and transforms into a fanny pack, sling pack or a standard daypack. Sometimes, it’s the hydration sleeve that is designed to serve as a daypack. A good example of that is our Editor’s Choice - #5 Gregory Baltoro 65 L.

Often, the standard daypacks look like twins to the main backpack – they are the same color and are very comfortable because they also have shoulder straps, chest straps, and hip belts. If it’s a really good backpack, it may have great compartment organization too.

Picking The Best Pack With A Removable Daypack

When you’re buying a backpack with a removable daypack, first you have to pay attention to some standard factors. The main three of them are:

  • Volume
  • Features
  • Comfort / good fit

These are cornerstone factors that will more or less define what kind of backpack exactly you need. Think about why you want the pack and the purpose for which you’re buying it.

For instance, are you going to use it mainly for traveling or for outdoor adventures and trekking? How long are typically your trips or outings? It’s totally fine if it turns out you might need a multipurpose pack.

people hiking with removable daypacks

Here’s a more detailed guide on how to buy the right pack for you based on some standard criteria and best practices.

After you determine the basics, it’s time to move on and choose a specific backpack with a detachable knapsack. For that, take a closer look at our list that comprises 7 top rated packs.

An important thing to notice is that packs that include removable daypacks are bigger in size and volume. Usually the minimum volume starts from 50 L and above and may reach up to 130 L. These packs are fabricated for long journeys and expeditions (5-14 days), especially those designed for hiking or backpacking.

As you may notice, there are backpacks that are designed exclusively for travelling. Such packs are, for example, #1 Osprey Farpoint 55, #6 Thule Landmark 60, and #7 Hynes Eagle 2 in 1 48.

These are insanely well-organized, airline approved, and easy to transport and carry. Travelling with them is a breeze. However, keep in mind that they are not appropriate for long walks and extensive hiking or long backpacking.

The difference between traveling and hiking packs is big and could be the subject of an entire article. What you need to know is the frame of travel backpacks is not designed to distribute and hold the load as comfortably as hiking packs.

They also lack the specific suspension system present on hiking backpacks. That’s why it’s not a good idea to walk on technical terrains with a travel pack on your back.

Here’s something interesting that will help you narrow down your choice:

“It’s possible to travel comfortably with a hiking backpack, but in most cases it’s very difficult to hike with a travel backpack.”

So if you’re rather planning to use your new pack with integrated daypack mostly for traveling or city commuting, then any of the three options described above would be an excellent choice for you.

On the other hand, if you are the kind of person who plans on using your new pack for thrilling outdoor adventures, then go for a backpacking or hiking pack. The good thing is that you can still travel with it, transport your gear easily, and feel comfortable.

As a remainder, the four hiking backpacks on our list are #2 Kelty Coyote 80 , #3 Osprey Aether AG 60, #4 Roamm Nomad 65 + 15, and #5 Gregory Baltoro 65 .They are long-hauling packs with great suspension and ventilation and are versatile enough to serve any purpose.

Now let’s quickly see what to look for in a removable daypack.

Understanding Detachable Daypacks

If you remember, we already mentioned the three different types of removable rucksacks that you can find on backpacks. Again, here they are:

  • A fanny pack – also called bum bag or belly bag, it’s a small zippered pouch that you wear around your waist with a single hip belt strap. In some occasions, you can also hang it over any of your shoulders.
  • A sling pack – it’s very similar in structure and shape to the fanny pack, except that often it’s slightly bigger and it’s mostly worn over one of the shoulder via a shoulder strap.
  • A standard daypack – this is a regular backpack that’s compact enough to be integrated to the main pack.

You’ll see several integration options – either the daypack is zipped on the front of the backpack, either it’s a floating top lid that converts to a small rucksack. Sometimes, it’s an internal (hydration) sleeve with foldable straps that you can pull out and use as a daypack.

Here’s a video describing two of Osprey’s most successful models with removable daypacks – Aether AG and Ariel AG.

What’s The Best Type Of A Detachable Rucksack?

They are all useful, but the most comfortable one to carry is undoubtedly the standard daypack. That’s why we recommend buying a backpack whose integrated rucksack is also a regular pack, just smaller in size and volume.

In fact, all backpacks on our list are such except #2 Kelty Coyote 80 whose top lid converts to a sling pack that is very comfortable.In general though, nothing can do a better job than a pack with two shoulder straps and a waist or a sternum strap.

In that way, the load is stable and evenly distributed for easier carry. That also reduces fatigue, especially when you hike on steep terrains. Moreover, these daypacks are better organized with more than just one or two pockets, which is super practical for short trips. The fanny packs and the sling packs are just not as comfortable.



Are packs with detachable daypacks more expensive than others?

Are backpacks with removable rucksacks comfortable enough?

Are packs with integrated daypacks waterproof?

Are the removable packs easily deployable?

Are packs with removable rucksacks heavy?

What is the volume of the removable daypack?

Conclusion + Bonus

Before I leave you, I’d like to thank you for reading this post, which I hope you find helpful. Packs with detachable daypacks are very practical and choosing one is easy when you know how to look.

If you’re wondering how to wear your daypack, check the bonus infographic below for inspiration and have fun!

How To Wear Your Backpack With Style


From Visually.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments in the section below. We are always here to help you find the best pack for your needs!


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Lars - November 1, 2019

Great information about backpacks.
I will definitely be able to find the right one for me.

    Asen - November 2, 2019

    Hi Lars,

    I’m sure you will. Have fun!

Brett - September 20, 2020

Hey, great resource and actually bought the 2020 Osprey Aether 65L thinking the detachable day pack was in fact a strapped day back pack. 2019 models are! However 2020 models do not have straps. Instead the 2020 model comes with a rain fly.

    Asen - September 20, 2020

    Hi Brett.

    Thanks! Indeed, that’s the case. I’ll mention this in the article since it’s important to know.


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