The 10 Best Hiking Leggings With Pockets Reviewed

You probably know it already.

If you want to go out in nature, then having the best hiking leggings with pockets will make your journey more comfortable. And that means more enjoyable.

AT A GLANCE: OUR TOP 6 PICKS FOR Hiking Leggings with pockets

Also, there’s no doubt you realize the importance of having enough pockets on your leggings. By the way, it’s winter and you also might want to check our popular list of the best cold-weather hiking leggings.

It’s simple. The more pockets you have, the more belongings you will be able to carry for an easy access, no matter if it’s your smartphone, keys, or a small map.

But when picking a pair of leggings, you still have to keep some crucial aspects in mind so you choose the right item for you.

Today the market is saturated with compression pants and leggings. Therefore, finding exactly what you need could be a hard task.

Don’t worry, though – we did all the work for you.

Obsessed with the idea of unraveling top-notch products, we performed thorough research to shortlist only the high-quality leggings proven to be super effective for hiking. Both for women and for men.

As usual, we:

  • compared key features and factors – in this case – fabrics, comfort, pockets, durability, and price.
  • spent hours reading verified consumer feedback to ensure the promises made by the manufacturers were truthful and that people were satisfied with their purchase.
  • asked our friends who are hikers to give us their honest opinion based on their real-life experience with some of the leggings.

We also added a comprehensive buying guide. Don’t miss consulting it. It contains everything you need to know to make an informed choice if you decide to buy yourself some comfy leggings for your next hiking adventure.

Without a further ado, let’s get started!

Quick Answer For Impatient Hikers - Our Top Choices
Best for women
Nature-loving ladies are crazy about these leggings and for a reason. With a breathable design and offering plenty of adjustability, this trail-friendly pair proudly tops our list.
  • Movement-mirroring premium fabrics
  • Water-resistant and moisture-wicking
  • Four spacious and secure pockets
  • Anti-abrasion reinforcement on strategic areas for maximum durability
Best for men
Insanely durable, stretchy, and providing amazing compression benefits, Wolaco will finally give you the comfort you deserve when on the trail.
  • Awarded #1 compression tights by Men's Health Magazine
  • Large sweat proof compressed media pocket and additional stash pocket
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Ventilated and durable waistband

The 5 Best Hiking Leggings With Pockets For Women: Quick Overview

guh-table__imageFjallraven Abisko
  • Number of Pockets: 4
  • Inseam in Inches: 26"
  • Adjustable drawcord provides firm fit
guh-table__imageprAna Becksa 7/8
  • Number of Pockets: 2
  • Inseam in Inches: 25"
  • Sleek design
guh-table__imageDragon Fit
  • Number of Pockets: 3
  • Inseam in Inches: 29"
  • Very eye-catching design
guh-table__image90 Degree By Reflex
  • Number of Pockets: 3
  • Inseam in Inches: 22"
  • Gusseted crotch
guh-table__imageCRZ Yoga
  • Number of Pockets: 2
  • Inseam in Inches: 25"
  • Plenty of cool colors

...And For Men

guh-table__imageWolaco Fulton
  • Number of Pockets: 2
  • Inseam in Inches: 30"
  • Trustworthy and awarded brand
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guh-table__imageFjallraven Abisko
  • Number of Pockets: 4
  • Inseam in Inches: 29.3"
  • Water and abrasion-resistant
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guh-table__imageRei Co-op On The Trail
  • Number of Pockets: 2
  • Inseam in Inches: 26.25"
  • Anti-chafing seams
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guh-table__imageNew Balance Impact
  • Number of Pockets: 2
  • Inseam in Inches: 32"
  • The zippered back stash pocket is very convenient
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guh-table__imageBaleaf Yoga
  • Number of Pockets: 2
  • Inseam in Inches: 27"
  • The waistband allows for a secure fit
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Now let's start reviewing each pair of leggings. Ladies first, of course.

Women's Leggings: Detailed Reviews

#1 Fjallraven Abisko Trekking Tights

fjallraven abisko trekking tights

Image via REI.

Coming from a reputable brand, these leggings are made of premium 4-way elastic fabric, so you can be sure they are not only tough, but won’t obstruct your movements. At the same time, the leggings will stay fixed on your waist, thanks to the adjustable drawcord. Besides, the material is abrasion-resistant and moisture-wicking. Check them out.

  • Movement-mirroring fabrics that are water-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and breathable  
  • Plenty of good-sized pockets
  • Waist loop for attaching garments
  • Adjustable drawcord provides firm fit
  • No gusset at the crotch area (camel toe alert). Be careful with that pics for Instagram.   

To make these leggings comfy and durable, Fjallraven used a combination of stretchy, robust, and breathable fabrics – polyamide, aramid fibers, and polyester. They call the material movement-mirroring and for a reason.

That’s why you won’t have to be surprised by the amazing fit these pants provide. And that’s something very important when you hike extensively. On top of that, the material it’s reinforced to provide protection from little rocks and abrasion.

This skin-tight garment has four pockets, where you can store whatever you need. That being said, you will have a small, zippered compass pocket, a large map pocket, and good-sized zippered hand pockets. The hand pockets are especially suitable for your smartphone and / or gps device.

What’s very cool is they also have a waist loop that allows you to attach gear. It sounds a bit unusual, but that’s very convenient in case you need a light jacket or a sweatshirt at hand.

Thanks to the adjustable drawcord on the waist, you can achieve the ultimate fit, also making sure that the pants will always stay steady and not loosen up. They won’t irritate your skin either – so, you can rest assured comfort will be maintained all the time.

What’s truly astounding, though, is how the fabric of the leggings can inhibit humidity from penetrating when you have to kneel or sit on damp ground. For ultimate protection, you can add an outer layer of pants with knee pads

It’s a reliable pair to have out in nature where you don’t know what to expect.

#2 prAna Becksa 7/8 leggings

prana becksa 7/8 leggings

Image via REI.

Versatile and stylish, these leggings aren’t just amazing for hiking – they also have a brilliant design. Ladies want to look sexy all the time, and there’s nothing wrong with that. This pair can meet all your requirements and that includes the good looks. You can pick from multiple colors and the high-rise waist provides tummy control and support. Last but not least, the fabrics protect your skin from the UV rays.

  • Sleek design
  • Sun-protective, super soft and stretchable fabrics
  • Multipurposed, suitable for indoor and outdoor sports
  • Provide excellent tummy control thanks to the high-rise waist
  • The seam placement may be a little off  
  • The material might be “too” stretchy when worn too often, so you have to consider taking a smaller size if you’re wondering  

Designed for yoga, fitness and any type of outing, prAna Becksa 7/8 leggings ensure proper stretch while still holding shape. Some ladies report that they even sleep in them in their hammock. Cool, huh?

That’s thanks to the fabrics that contain polyester and spandex – the main material used for making sportswear. You’ll be amazed how soft they are.

We should also mention the elasticity of the material. No one likes to walk around with stiff pants on the hiking trail.  

Given they’re yoga pants, they are so comfortable that you’d want to live in these. You can easily move around without feeling any restraint. They provide that naked skin sensation that makes you feel free as a bird. Still, you can rest assured that they are non-see-through pants. All quality leggings should be!

And since you need pockets to carry around the essentials, this pair of leggings has two side pockets, one on each side. They are just perfect for storing smaller belongings that you may need while hiking.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about the harmful UV rays anymore. The material contains UPF 50+ skin protection, which is awesome when you hike extensively under the sun.

What many ladies love about the prAna Becksa leggings is their high-rise waist that supports the tummy. Confidence, coming from our good looks is important on the trail too, you know.

#3 Dragon Fit Yoga Leggings

dragon fit yoga pants

A popular choice for many outdoorsy ladies, these leggings go beyond standards thanks to the four-needle and six-threads sewing technology. Elastic but never loose, they make your legs feel thin while being non-see-through and quick-drying. The material is skin-friendly and not too tight. Oh, and that price…

  • The material is quick-drying, squat-proof and offers low-friction
  • Very eye-catching design
  • Deep and capacious pockets
  • Suitable for those on a budget
  • Larger sizes come only in black  
  • The fabric is not as soft as advertised

If you’re already wondering what is the four-needle and six-threads technology, then all you have to know is that it involves a very expensive sewing machine.

That one-of-a-kind machine makes the seams super firm, the stitches are durable and stylish, and the trimming process is advanced. All for the purpose of making the best garment possible.

The Dragon Fit Power Flex leggings are made of polyamide and spandex – the fabrics guilty of giving the pants this light, stretchy quality.

Girls love these leggings mainly because they make them look stunning no matter if it’s for yoga, fitness, running, dancing, everyday wear or hiking.

There are three pockets on these. Two spacious hand pockets on each thigh where you can safely secure a large smartphone and one hidden pocket on the back of the waistband for your keys, hair ties, or credit cards. All pockets are quite deep.

The butt part is non-transparent, and the waist is high-rise, allowing for tummy control. Plus, you have plenty of great colors to choose from.

The breathable and quick-drying fabric is an important aspect you shouldn’t take for granted. Whether you have to sit or kneel in damp environments or the hot weather is causing you to sweat excessively, this feature is extremely useful. The pants will immediately dry and maintain your comfort.

#4 90 Degree By Reflex Tights

90 degrees by reflex pants

Featuring a premium interlink fabric, curved yoke that shapes your booty, and stretchy, 5-inch high-rise waistband that makes your legs look thin and long, these leggings will be your best friend when hiking. But it’s not all about the looks, right? You can be sure you’ll feel as comfy as you can get while hitting the trails. Ladies, check these out.

  • Gusseted crotch
  • Interlock seams preventing chafing and offering great freedom of movement
  • Four-way stretch fabric
  • Moisture wicking and with good tummy control
  • The material tends to collect lint quickly  
  • The crotch area is a bit loose

Who said that a woman can’t go hiking and look sexy at the same time? With this pair of leggings, you will feel confident and you will enjoy a fulfilling hiking experience.

With a curved back yoke, the round seam below the waistband will make sure to enhance your backside, flattering your booty as a result.

The side pockets are something to take into account, particularly if you can’t stay away from your phone. Or maybe you just need quick access to some items. There are three pockets in total – one on each thigh where you can keep your keys, phone, wallet, or any important belonging. Additionally, there’s a secret and barely visible waistband pocket as well. If you have hair clips, ties, or any cash, you can store it there.

Add that to the fact that the high waistband will cover your midsection too, giving you an attention-grabbing, hourglass figure.

The fabrics used are a combination of 79 percent polyester and 21 percent spandex – the gold standard for sportswear that ensures freedom of movement and breathability.

Sure enough, the 90 Degrees By Reflex are non-see-through. Yes, you don’t have to worry about your panty lines being visible, making you flush.

Speaking of that uncomfortable flush, what many ladies would appreciate is that the pants have a gusseted crotch, protecting your groin and avoiding that awful camel toe effect. Moreover, the material is sweat-wicking and non-constricting, thus preventing chafing and skin irritation.

And if you don’t like the product, the brand allows you to send the pair back within 30 days after the purchase and get your money back. It’s always nice knowing things will work in your favor.

#5 Crz Yoga Naked Feeling Tights

crz yoga naked feeling pants

Designed for athletic performance these 7/8 yoga pants provide unparalleled naked feeling that makes walking on hiking trails so comfortable. Your movement is completely unobstructed thanks to the four-way stretchy fabrics while your sweat quickly evaporates through the breathable material. The side pockets are deep and secure and the waist level is adjustable to support your tummy.

  • Plenty of cool colors
  • Buttery soft material with shape retention
  • Really breathable and moisture-wicking
  • They complement the body shape as they fit tightly and have tummy control thanks to the high-rise waistband
  • The size may run too small  

You’d agree that getting sweaty or hiking in humid conditions is not that pleasant.

However, these leggings can save you from the discomfort created by nasty sweat. The moisture-wicking material (polyamide and spandex) makes sure you’re comfortable throughout your entire journey.

Moreover, the material is highly elastic, soft, and supportive. It’s ideal for overweight ladies too. You barely feel it on your skin, which is a nice advantage.

The leggings come with two side pockets, one on each leg. There, you can keep your wallet, keys, or phone. The pockets are roomy and your items are not bouncing in there.

So, you’ll enjoy plenty of freedom while hiking or engaging in other activities that require physical effort. In fact, they are squat proof and will definitely not limit your movements.

Also, you get a high-rise waistband that offers supportive tummy control. As such, the leggings will compliment your body and create an hourglass-looking figure. You will look quite sexy and confident.

The drawstring closure on the waist will ensure your pants stay where you want them to be. That’s quite convenient when you hike on technical terrains where you have to jump, squat or climb a hill.

The leggings also have reflective details on the ankles for maximum visibility and security.

Men's Leggings: Detailed Reviews

Guys, if you’re here, probably you know (or you suspect) how surprisingly comfortable leggings are for hiking. And no, it’s not a girly garment at all! We curated the best leggings on the market especially for you.

Here they are.

#1 Fjallraven Abisko Trekking Tights

fjallraven abisko men's tights

Image via REI.

Carrying the impeccable reputation of Fjallraven, you can expect nothing but stellar quality from these trekking tights. Featuring four pockets, waist loop, and abrasion-resistant reinforcement on the robust, yet stretchy fabrics, your comfort will go to the next level when hiking with these stylish leggings. Check them out.

  • Supreme four-way stretch fabric proves great freedom of movement and breathability
  • Four deep pockets
  • Water and abrasion-resistant
  • Stylish, multipurpose design
  • The knee reinforcements may be too high on the leg  

Pockets are extremely important when it comes to hiking, as there’s a lot of stuff you may have to carry around with you to make sure your journey is complete.

A small-zippered compass pocket, a large map pocket, and zippered hand pockets will ensure you can store anything necessary inside, for easier reach. Having four pockets can be more than enough to keep everything you need close to you. The pockets are secure and deep, ensuring safety without disturbing your movement.

The durability of the material is an outstanding feature that you should certainly take into account. Even if you’re dealing with harsher weather or sharp items like rocks and small stones along the way, the leggings will stay intact.

That’s because of the reinforcement (on the knees) on the already tough material featuring stretchy and form fitting polyamide, aramid, and polyester. Besides, the face of the material is water resistant, something quite important when you’re out in unpredictable nature.

Another cool feature is that the tights are made of sun-protective material. So you benefit from UPF 50+ skin protection, which is a nice addition to the already great quality of the Fjallraven tights.

You can wear it practically everywhere as they are suitable as a basic layer but also great on their own.

#2 Rei Co-Op On The Trail

rei co cop on the trail tights

Featuring skin-friendly stitching and firm waistband, these hiking tights have two pockets and are ideal for walking in the wilderness. Thanks to the breathable fabrics, the moisture quickly evaporates, while the reflective tape on the calves keeps you visible at night. These leggings have earned their fantastic rating for a reason. Go check them out!

  • Anti-chafing seams
  • Quick drying and moisture wicking material
  • They offer visibility for low-light situations
  • Drawcord adjustment on the waistband for maximum stability
  • The stitching may start coming apart around the ankles and other areas after extensive use  

This is a truly special pair of leggings that any man will feel great into. One of their best features is the reflective tape on the backs of the calves. If you’re dealing with situations where light is very low, you will still be visible to others.

The material is quick drying and stretchy, following the curves of your body, without obstructing your movement. It’s a combination of polyester and spandex.

What’s really nice is that the construction of the seams is flat, meaning that you practically don’t feel the textile. That’s awesome because it doesn’t provoke chafing.

There are two pockets – a small internal one on the waistband where you can keep your keys, and a stretch compression drop-in one on the thigh. In the latter, you can keep small essentials, like your phone, money, or anything of the sort, and you will never worry about them bouncing when you run.

Besides, you will never lack comfort as there is a wide waistband that will keep the leggings stable and fixed to your body. Thanks to the drawcord, you can adjust the fit too.

#3 New Balance Impact Tights

new balance impact tights

Image via REI.

Being slowed down on the trail by an uncomfortable pair of leggings can be very annoying. Thankfully, this won’t happen with this top-notch pair of tights. Made of high-quality mid-weight fabric and designed with breathability in mind, you will move effortlessly wearing them no matter if you run, hike or hit the gym. Definitely worth your attention.

  • The zippered back stash pocket is very convenient
  • Advanced breathability of the material keeps you dry and cool
  • NB DRY fast-drying technology for quick moisture evaporation
  • Solid and wide waistband that’s mesh-lined for maximum ventilation
  • The zippered back pocket is somewhat small 

Since what matters most when you hike is comfort, the New Balance Impact tights will give you exactly that, all year-round.

Ankle-length, the leggings are made of premium polyester and spandex. Because of that, they have an ergonomic shape that follows your body curves. The result – you feel like you’re wearing an extra layer of skin on your body so your movements are not obstructed at all.

You have two drop-in pockets, one on each thigh and a zippered stash pocket on the back for smaller items. The side pockets perfectly fit large smartphones and bigger protein bars.

The leggings feature a NB DRY fast-drying technology that wicks moisture, thus keeping you dry on demanding summer trips. You feel comfy and dry for a longer time.

On top of that, there’s a mesh material behind the knee that allows for efficient heat evaporation. The ergonomic silhouette of the tights ensures snug feel on the hips, keeping your movement light and easy.

Moreover, when the daylight is dying, the reflective details will make you visible to other hikers.

#4 Baleaf Leggings

baleaf yoga tights

If you chase affordability but don’t want to sacrifice quality, then you’ll love the Baleaf tights. Coming at an unbelievable price, these ultra comfy leggings have gusseted crotch and a blend of premium fabrics that allow two-way air circulation for efficient breathability. Super stretchy, soft, and durable, these are just perfect for hiking.

  • Great combination of durable, stretchy, and soft fabrics
  • The waistband allows for a secure fit
  • 30-day full money-back warranty included
  • Quick-drying, moisture-wicking fabric that’s well ventilated
  • Poor compression, although they’re advertised as compression pants 
  • Limited color choice

Excellent for active men, the Baleaf leggings are suitable for various activities – gym workouts, running, hiking, you name it.

The carefully selected fabrics provide that magical comfort these tights are mainly praised for. They contain strong nylon, polyester, spandex, and a little cotton for softness.

The tights feature two deep side pockets, one on each hip. Those are perfect for securing even large smartphones or any other object you normally carry in your pockets when hiking.

Sure enough, the textile is quick-drying and will never allow moisture to ruin a good day. Moreover, the highly elastic fabric is breathable and provides more than decent ventilation, which is a crucial feature if you sweat a ton. And when you hike, you usually do.

What really adds to the comfort is the gusset at the crotch seam. It makes the area unobstructed, which creates freedom of movement. And that’s everything when you walk on hiking trails. Plus, it doesn’t look dumb.

Furthermore, the waistband is stretchy and at the same time secure with a pull-out closure. It stabilizes your pants with no issues.

Another great thing is the 30-day money-back guarantee. You can try the pants and return them, no questions asked.

#5 Wolaco Fulton Leggings

wolaco fulton leggings

A young American brand, Wolaco are ranked as the number one sports legging company by Men’s Health magazine. And if you try out these tights, you will know why. With an innovative design, featuring a compressive, sweat-proof media pocket, these compression pants deliver more than you could normally expect. Be sure to check them out.

  • Trustworthy and awarded brand
  • Patented, sweat-proof media pocket that keeps any phone stable
  • Good compression level without any discomfort
  • Premium materials and stitching. Manufactured in the USA
  • A little to too tight / consider taking a larger size

Founded in New York in 2014 after a successful Kickstarter campaign, Wolaco quickly took on the fierce market competition. Now they are the number one brand for sports leggings in the USA with a patented design.

Those ankle-length pants are made of premium polyester and spandex that are known to endure thousands of wash cycles. It’s a non-see-through, for real.

But durability is not their only strong side. Sporty and outdoorsy men love the leggings because of their unparalleled comfort and compression level. As you can expect, the pants are quite stretchy, breathable, and don’t disturb your movement.

The compression is not too tight, though effectively compacting your muscles and promoting blood flow. That’s why those are great for hiking. It stimulates and at the same time preserves your leg muscles when you walk.

What’s more, the top-quality material is incredible. You get plenty of stretchiness. The textile is durable as it’s made of special fibers with built-in performance capabilities.

As such, they can deal with harsher workout conditions or with harsher environments while you’re hiking.

The leggings have super comfortable dual side pockets, one of which is bigger and water resistant. Its unique design allows you to secure your media device in there without risk of bouncing around. It also doesn’t let any moisture penetrate on the inside, thus keeping your phone secured. The other side pocket is smaller but still deep where you can store keys, cash, and anything you find useful.

A piece of advice – when in doubt, take the larger size to feel more comfortable as some users reported the pants might be a little too tight.

The Wolaco pants are the best choice for those who don’t want to risk with cheap shabby brands

Tips And Useful Information  (Read This Before You Buy)

We all know hiking can be an unforgettable experience, no matter your age. But in order for the journey to be enjoyable and stress-free, you need to make sure you wear the right leggings.

Hitting the trail with an uncomfortable pair of tights could quickly ruin your day. That’s why it’s essential that you take some time and inform yourself about several key features to look after when shopping for tights.

man staring at a nice view with leggings

Active hikers know leggings are an essential part of any hiking trip. You will be doing quite a bit of effort, so you need tights that are durable, stretchy, and stable at the waist. And that’s just for starters.

But what types are available on the market?

Well, probably you see that many folks often use yoga pants or running tights during their hiking adventures.

That’s the typical sports apparel people wear at the gym, and it’s just as suitable for hiking as it is for other sports. Have you ever asked yourself the question “why”?  

Here are some great benefits of leggings, sometimes referred to as tights or yoga pants.

7 Benefits Of Leggings For Hiking 

You may ask, “Why is wearing leggings so popular?” Well, it’s dead simple. They are crazy comfortable. Unlike jeans, for instance, even though a lot of newbies still hike in jeans.

So comfortable that according to a study made a few years ago, people prefer that legwear over jeans in the USA.

That’s why more and more men decide to wear tights for physical activities, including hiking and mountaineering.

Here are some benefits of wearing leggings.

Freedom Of Movement 

Hiking leggings are highly elastic and shape retaining. They practically fuse with the skin on your legs. Often you don’t even feel them. That’s why many brands advertise their leggings as providing “naked feeling”.

Whether you’re climbing that steep hill or you’re running down a gorgeous valley, a quality pair of leggings won’t hold you back. That’s something you won’t get with just any pair of pants.


Most of the time, despite its elasticity, the polyester or spandex fabric is very strong and resistant to the elements. When hiking, you can often come in contact with sharp rocks or thick vegetation. If you have the right tights, the risk of damage is smaller.

Breathability And Moisture Evaporation

Hiking is a sweaty activity, and sweating is inevitable. And unpleasant. Luckily, the textile used for making leggings is quick drying. It contains highly breathable fibers that allow the heat to evaporate.

Moreover, some models are water resistant and have advanced dry technologies that keep moisture away so you don’t feel uncomfortable. That’s quite nice when you hike in bad weather, for example, or in days when the sun is so darn hot that you sweat like a pig.


Many leggings are quite tight, but that doesn’t mean they are uncomfortable. Actually, it’s the opposite. Compression is beneficial when you’re exerting physical activity. That’s because it supports your muscles, improves blood flow, prevents strain, reduces fatigue, and increases your power.

Athletic Look

Hiking tights follow the shape of your body. Moreover, they shape your legs and booty. That’s something all ladies love, but let’s face it, men appreciate it too.

woman climbing a hill

Most leggings have high-rise waistband that lets you keep that buddha belly inside. In other words, they have tummy control. And that gives us confidence. Isn’t it important?


Tights are often created with versatility in mind. They are good for any type of sport, be it hiking, basketball, yoga, weight lifting, running, and anything you might think of.

They are excellent as base layer clothing during winter hikes, for instance, but also on their own, usually in warmer weather.


Leggings are voguish. Boy, they are everywhere now. They come in a variety of colors and designs and are even great for everyday carry and any leisure activity.

5 Key Features To Look After When Buying Leggings

There’s nothing wrong with being confused when it comes to picking a pair of hiking leggings. After all, there are too many of them on the market nowadays and it’s quite difficult to decide on the best for you.

Well, we are here to help you, so here’s what you should look for in a high-quality pair of hiking tights.


Obviously, one of the main things to consider is the material of the tights. You have to pick something that’s comfortable and won’t disturb your walking pace.

That being said, you should not go for leggings made entirely of cotton. Cotton is the worst material as it absorbs moisture – whether it’s external or moisture caused by sweat. Instead, go for anything made of spandex, polyester, elastane, or polyamide. These fabrics are elastic, lightweight, and moisture repellent.

woman doing yoga pose

As a result, they will improve your comfort by not restricting your movement on the trail. Plus, those types of textile are breathable enough to keep you cool all the time. Usually you’ll see the percentage of each fabric used for making the tights, so pay attention to that when reading the specifications.

Regarding the compression, note that some people prefer (and expect) their leggings to ensure a certain compression level. Here’s is the right time to mention that it’s not always the case, and that’s because leggings and compression pants are different animals.

While many hiking leggings provide compression, in most of the cases it’s not that good as with the compression pants. So if you want to take advantage of the specific benefits that compression gives, then it’s better to look for compression pants and not leggings.

In addition, and preferably, consider material with an UPF rating. It’s nice to wear pants that protect you from the harmful sun rays. Last, it’s important that the fabrics are non-see-through. Well, unless your goal is to attract curious glances, of course.

Fabrics Durability

The overall strength of the textile is also an important consideration if you want your leggings to last many hikes, no matter the conditions and the washing cycles.

Ideally, settle for something that is reinforced on key leg areas such as the knees, for example. It makes the tights abrasion-resistant. Such pair of tights on our list is the Fjallraven Abisko model.

When we hike, often rocks, small stones, and even some grassy plants could tear the material of the leggings.

The good news is that if you go for a reputable brand, it’s almost sure the material would include polyester and spandex. And those are super tough fabrics.

The Importance Of The Gusseted Crotch

Having a gusset at the crotch area could make a massive difference in your comfort level when hiking. In fact, this is what makes the leggings squat proof, meaning that it’s easier to crouch with them.

Now ladies, pay attention – having a gusseted crotch will spare you the embarrassment of the camel toe. For both sexes, it redistributes the pressure around the crotch area, thus alleviating the physical discomfort from prolonged walking.


You want to have some nice hiking leggings with pockets, right? Then you certainly shouldn’t overlook their quality and size.

Pockets help you store various important belongings at close hand. This saves you the effort of stopping and devouring your backpack whenever you need your phone, a protein bar or some cash.

This is why you must look at the number of pockets available and see how spacious they are. You will find plenty of leggings with one pocket, but also leggings with two and more pockets.

On our list, we included only leggings with minimum two pockets. That’s simply because we believe that more is always better.

Also, it’s important that the pockets provide safe and reliable storage of your belongings. They should be well-sewn in, deep, and your items shouldn’t bounce freely. Imagine what would it be to feel that when you hike for hours. Not cool.

Avoid carrying objects that are too bulky because your pockets will become baggy way too soon.

Ideally, you should look for leggings with sweat-proof pockets that are also compressive. It’s really convenient on extensive hikes. For example, such tights on our list are the killer Wolaco leggings.

Size And Length 

First things first, you need to consider the inseam measurement because it will determine how much length there is between the crotch and the ankle.

Depending on how tall you are, it’s a paramount consideration as it allows you to take the right fit for you.  For that, it’s a must to look at the chart provided by the manufacturer or the reseller.

If the inseam measurement is not listed, contact the manufacturer and explicitly ask for that information.

Still, if you can’t find the inseam metric, don’t worry. Usually you can get the proper fit for you by other means. Often the manufacturer uses metrics such as waist size, height, and weight that do the job.

Moreover, you should be careful about the size you pick. You should take body measurements to make sure the leggings can fit your waist and legs without irritating your skin or feeling too tight.

Here’s what you need to do in order to measure your inseam correctly – you can do that with similar pants that fit you well. First, lay them flat with the front and back creased. Then measure the length of the inseam from the crotch to the bottom of the leg hem. That’s all!

Here’s a pretty explanatory video that demonstrates inseam measurement:

Always make sure to go with a proper size and never go with something too large, as it will cause discomfort. The same goes for very small sizes.

In case your size is between two chart sizes, then you should go with the smaller one if a tight fit is what you’re looking for. If you want a looser fit, go with the bigger size.

Also, don’t forget to check out some buyer reviews. Often, people don’t miss sharing their experience with the sizing and comment if somehow the leggings run smaller or bigger. We did that for you for all leggings on our list.

Last, do mind the length of the leggings and choose based on the typical hikes you do. If your tights are 7/8, consider wearing socks that cover your ankles. In bushy areas, that will protect you from ticks and dangerous rattlesnakes.

Now let’s check some of the most popular questions related to hiking leggings with pockets.



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Conclusion (Plus Bonus)

Now that you made it to the end of this comprehensive guide, you should know the main features of a good pair of hiking leggings.

There are a lot of products to check out, so it’s best to look into all their features and see what suits you best. Hopefully, we were able to help you find the best hiking leggings with pockets. Before you leave, check this useful infographic describing what to eat in the wilderness relying only on what Mother Nature has to offer.



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Don’t forget to leave a comment below if you have any experience or impression with any brand you’d recommend.

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