8 Best Waterproof Backpacks For Hiking Of 2020

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You must be very lucky!

You just found the most comprehensive list of the best waterproof backpacks for hiking.

Do you know what the best part is?

I am going to show you the high-performing packs that are with great quality, but are also top-rated and inexpensive! Being a passionate hiker, I know the importance of having a reliable and comfortable backpack that will endure even the roughest weather conditions.

I admit I’ve often found myself regretful and with a soaking wet gear because of a bad backpack choice. But I’ve learned my lesson, and I tested many packs.

Now I can’t wait to share these valuable insights with you.

In short: if you want a dependable hiking backpack that is weatherproof and will serve you well, then you’ll definitely love this list.

I did my best to describe not only what is to like about these packs but their little snags too.

Let’s get started.

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#1 ​Diamond Candy 40 L

​Cheap and lightweight this pack is roomy enough to handle a 1-3 day hike. It is made of high quality water-resistant nylon that doesn’t let the rain soak through. That’s not all. For an extra protection, Diamond Candy comes with a rain cover stored in a small bottom pocket. The mesh shoulder straps are breathable and the padded back is super soft. That make the pack perfect for those seeking maximum comfort and easiness of use for long-lasting walks in the outdoors.

The weight of the Candy 40 L is 2.6 lb or a little over than 1 kg. Its dimensions (12.6”x 7.9” x 19.7”) allow you to carry it on a plane as it meets most of the airlines standards. Let’s quickly take a glance at some of its features and see how you can benefit from them:

  • 4 Zippered compartments for easily organizing and accessing all your gear
  • ​Laptop storage space – enough room to bring a 16” laptop with you on the hike no matter if it’s for fun or work. And it will be well protected.
  • 2 Zippered hipbelt pockets – put your phone, money, or camera there and effortlessly access them whenever you need
  • Drinking hole on the back – bring a water bladder and hydrate yourself at any time by passing through the hose.
  • Dual side buckles – tighten up your pack when it’s not full or easily attach external gear such as a sleeping mat, for instance.
  • No hook for hydration bladder

​#2 Outlife Electron 60 L

Built with an excellent storage capacity for an easy internal and external organization, this backpack will keep all your essentials secure and dry for multi-day adventures. The material used is a reinforced nylon of superior quality that is water and tear-resistant. There are plenty of pockets and straps so you can store everything you need without worries. I personally like the bottom pocket where you can stout shoes. The ergonomic design of the back structure guarantees you a comfortable wearing while the ventilated mesh pads keep the heat away for a sweat-free hike.

On top of that, Outlife 60 is surprisingly lightweight for its volume – only 2.2lb or 1 kg. One downside for me is that it’s not hydration-ready. However, the rest is awesome for the price:

  • Easily adjustable straps and belts to match all sizes and distribute the load evenly
  • Sponge padding for pressure relieve and prolonged endurance
  • Huge number of pockets plus a protective internal sleeve for a laptop or a tablet
  • Heavy-duty, yet smooth zippers for smoothly accessing your gear on the go
  • Carry on appropriate so you can bring it everywhere around the world
  • Straps are not sewn so they could easily be pulled through the clips

#3 Seenlast 50 L

This monster is made of sturdy rip-stop polyester that quickly slides the water aside not giving it a chance to penetrate. Besides, Seenlast gives you even more security with an additional layer of protection thanks to the detachable rain fly. The 50 L capacity is perfectly organized with compartments and pockets and it allows you to experience a worry-free 3-4 day journey in nature. Here the back ventilation is top-notch – the Airstripes back system provides all-around cooling for a dry hike.

Here are the most important things you need to know about Seenlast:

  • Lightweight – weighting only 2.6 lb you will hardly feel the pack on your back even when it’s full
  • Reduces shoulder pressure thanks to the S-shaped thickened shoulder straps
  • Have all your large belongings comfortably organized thanks to the 8 adjustable straps
  • Tear-proof material allowing you not to worry that sometimes you treat you pack roughly
  • Pack things separately and don’t search endlessly thanks to the good number of pockets
  • Weak zippers so just be careful with them

​#4 Loowoko 50 L

It’s not a surprise that Loowoko holds the prestigious “Amazon’s choice” award. This hiking model is budget-friendly, highly adjustable, and super comfortable to wear. It could be ideal for those going on a day hike but the pack will also hold enough gear for an overnight weekend trip. You can easily carry up to 88 lb (40kg) load with it. Besides, Loowoko is sturdy and lightweight at the same time with its 2.6 lb (1.2kg).

Now allow me to present you more details so that you know whether this pack is right for you:

  • Enjoy a worry-free hike thanks to the reinforced water-resistant rip stop polyester. The integrated rain fly will keep your belongings dry and safe in even the heaviest rain.
  • Sturdy zippers – unlike most of the cheap packs, Loowoko’s zippers are very strong
  • Stout you gear strategically for extra comfort - bottom pocket for shoes or even a compact sleeping bag
  • Neatly organize your essentials thanks to the 8 customizable straps including an adjustable sternum strap that you can move up and down
  • Feel light, dry, and comfy on your hike – the backpack fits perfectly to your body thanks to its ergonomic design. The foam padded shoulder straps and back ventilation keep you dry longer.
  • Straps tend to loosen easily

​#5 Såk Gear BackSåk 25/35 L

If you want to day-hike during insanely extreme weather conditions and still stay reassured that your food or clothes will be 100% intact, then this is the pack for you. Think of BackSåk as more of a dry bag. The heavy-duty materials used for this little monster make it a solid shield against water, snow or sand. It is compact, lightweight, and durable. Make no mistake that even though it is designed to endure tough adventures, this backpack is super comfortable.

The good part is that you have a choice for the volume, as there is also an option for a 25L pack. Anyway, here’s why BackSåk has so many outstanding customer reviews and made it to this list:

  • 500D sturdy PVC material protects the pack by sealing out all the elements with waterproof seams
  • Suitable for multiple outdoor activities such as hiking, rafting, canoeing – water will never get to the inside
  • Always feel good while hiking no matter where and for how long thanks to the softness of the adjustable straps and the cushioned back panel made of EVA foam
  • Place your gear easily in a big internal zippered pocket. There are also two mesh pockets and one key clip. You could also attach water bottles to the D rings on both sides
  • Huge splash-proof exterior pocket – place your phone, car keys or camera there and they will be well-protected
  • Not enough compartments for storage organization – you can solve that by using packing cubes and sort out your gear

​#6 Vitchelo 30 L

Vitchelo will grab your attention immediately with a killer sleek design. But let’s not judge a book by its cover. This is not just a backpack. It’s a dry bag created for adventure hiking. No matter if you need to pass under a waterfall, cross a river or simply get wet because of heavy rain, Vitchelo will always take care of your belongings. It offers maximum weather protection via the extreme sturdiness of its material that lets nothing to touch your stuff. Just wait to see how snug it is.

Let’s have a quick overview of what Vitchelo has to offer and make your adventure even more exciting:

  • Super strong vinyl tarpaulin with welded seam – this fabric provides 100% water and abrasion resistance for ultimate protection. You can seal your pack with the roll-top closure and everything inside will be dry as a desert
  • Waist and chest belts to carry your load comfortably and steadily thus avoiding load shifts
  • Breathable and foam padded shoulder & back area to prevent hurting your body and keep it cool
  • Separate waterproof touch screen phone case - use your smartphone in the water without worries
  • Easily carry your backpack wherever and whenever you need, even in water – it’s flat foldable, buoyant, lightweight and transportable despite it’s size
  • No internal pockets – there are external ones, though as well as a corded mesh to attach external gear

​#7 Fe Active Cloudbreak 30 L

Feel like you wanna jump off a cliff into water in a hot day? No problem! You can easily do it with this dry pack on your back. Because it will keep the insides perfectly dry even if you go underwater. That’s why surfers and other aqua sports athletes love it. Cloudbreak 30 is the ultimate choice for your utmost hiking adventures. It’s super light, roomy, and easy to maneuver with.

This pack receives a ton of praise these days. It is considered as one of the top choices for activities involving significant amounts of water, be it downpour rain during hiking or crossing a mountain stream while trekking. It’s not just watertight, it’s weatherproof. Check this out:

  • Insanely waterproof material for the peace of your mind – the 5mm PVC vinyl tarpaulin is with welded stitching thus providing impeccable protection for your belongings
  • Extreme comfort while hiking – padded cushioned back as well as breathable adjustable straps allowing free air circulation
  • Chest strap for even more stability
  • Meshed side pockets for effortlessly accessing water bottles or anything you’d like to put there
  • Corded area on the exterior for putting items that you don’t want inside such as wet towel or soaking swimming suit
  • No waist strap to distribute the load to the center of gravity

​#8 Platinum Sun 30 L

With this remarkable adventure backpack, you better be ready to push your limits. Because this pack is made just for that. It can easily withstand sand, snow, mud, and water. It’s a multipurpose rucksack for those who like to go one step further. You can use it for kayaking, rafting, travelling, and any kind of water sport. It’s very flexible, adjustable, and comfortable to wear and that makes it fantastic for hiking in rough conditions. Make sure to check it out.

Platinum 30 has been successfully tested for leaks when fully submerged under water and the insides remained intact. And that’s not all:

  • Heavy-duty 500D PVC tarpaulin fabric assuring unparalleled safety for your clothes or electronics
  • Adjustable chest and waist strap belt for ultimate stability and comfort
  • Ventilated shoulder straps with soft padding and cushioned breathable back to relieve pressure and increase airflow circulation
  • 2 side pockets for storing water bottles and large bungee mesh for anything you don’t mind getting wet. Plus 2 protective pockets for your precious belongings.
  • Reinforced one-handed strap when your back and shoulders need a rest or you just have to hold your pack with one hand
  • ​Weak internal organization

​Comparison Table

*Size is in inches

*Storage means overall internal & external organization








​Diam. Candy

​40 L

​2.1 lbs.

    12.6 x 7.9 x 19.7


​Outlife El.

​60 L

​2.2 lbs.

    29.5 x 13.7 x 9.8



​50 L

​2.5 lbs.

​   25.6 x 13.8 x 9.8



​50 L

​2.35 lbs.

​23.6 x 11.8 x 7.9

Rip-stop  Polyester


25/35 L

​2.4 lbs.

   12 x 19 x 6 

​500D PVC


​30 L

​2.05 lbs.

   26.8 x 12.6 x 7.1

​500D PVC

​Fe Active Cl.

​30 L

1.9 lbs

​  ​19.1 x 11.6 x 2.9

​500D PVC

Platinum Sun

​30 L

​2.5 lbs.

   ​​26.8 x 12.6 x7.1

​500D PVC

How To Choose The Right Waterproof Pack For You?

The first thing you need to understand before making your choice is the difference between water-resistant and waterproof. Without entering into nerdy scientific details, I’ll just emphasize on the fact that water-resistant is weaker than waterproof.

On one hand, when a material is water-resistant, it can withstand to a certain amount of water/rain but after some time it will eventually start to leak. On another hand, when a product is waterproof or watertight it can endure significant amounts of water with little to no risk of getting wet.

Why is it important to know the difference?

Because that will have a huge impact on your purchasing decision depending on the type of adventure you are planning to go on. That leads us to the next crucial point.

The second thing you must carefully consider before buying a pack is your hiking plan and itinerary.

  1. Are you going mostly on dry places with small chances of rain?
  2. Or are you planning to go rough and hike waterfalls, swim acrossrivers, and walks in areas where downpour is expected?

You might want to think in long term too.

If it is option 1, then you should consider narrowing your choice down to the first four backpacks on this list. All of them are water-resistant and if heavy rain occurs, they have rain covers included for maximum protection. Keep in mind though that if you submerge your pack under water, it will leak.

best waterproof backpacks for hiking

The first four packs are also larger in capacity and easier to organize, so you can plan a longer hike (2-6 days).

If you are the type of guy or gal who likes to go extreme, then you are in option 2. In this case, you wouldn’t want to make any compromise and risk your tablet or car keys getting saturated with water.

That is why I advise you to concentrate on the last four backpacks on the list. These are all dry bags with heavy-duty water protection that will guarantee maximum safety for your essentials. They will be dry all the time no matter what you do.

Such dry bags are also very comfortable to wear because they are compact and lightweight. Wearing one of those is very convenient if you are hiking on technical terrains where getting wet is inevitable.


I hope that now you have a clearer idea of which waterproof backpack for hiking to choose for your next adventure. Overall, you can’t go wrong with either of them. All the above-mentioned packs are bestsellers that continue to receive insanely good customer feedback.

They have been tested numerous times and proved to be solid.

Just make sure to have an easy answer to the question “what am I going to need this pack for exactly?” 

Any comments or questions are highly appreciated so speak up your mind in the section below.

Have fun and thank you for reading!


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