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Can You Hike In Blundstones? The Truth Revealed [2021]

Hiking with the right shoes can get you through grueling trails and hours-long journeys – hiking in the wrong shoes will net you potential injury and a lot of discomfort. Does this mean we have to shell out for proper hiking boots? For some people, Blundstones seem like the perfect compromise. They’re built to be sturdy […]

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  • January 21, 2021

How To Hike With Eggs In Your Backpack: An Ultimate Guide

Hiking is an activity that people of all ages and skill sets can enjoy. It can be a precursor to a camping trip as well. Best of all, you can opt between short hour-long hikes and longer treks with one notable difference – packing enough food to fuel you through the day. Here’s where our guide […]

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  • January 3, 2021

Is Hiking In Work Boots Really That Bad? The Truth Revealed [2021]

If you’re a hiker like me, you already know the market offers tons of great boots out there to help you walk comfortably and without no awkwardness. That’s why, when you shop for hiking boots, it might feel a little overwhelming due to the sheer number of options available. But if you’ve ever asked yourself the […]

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  • December 18, 2020

54 Viral Adventure Quotes For Couples That Love Nature [2021]

Months of isolation or otherwise, fresh air and scenic landscapes are things we grab onto with both hands. While many of us find solitude and peace in nature to be the exact cure for city-generated headaches, others bring along company to curb loneliness. After all, there are many parallels to be drawn between hiking and relationships – […]

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  • November 26, 2020

Does Hiking Burn Belly Fat? Here’s The Truth [2021]

Whether you’re looking to trim down or simply be more active, you may be asking yourself: “Does hiking burn belly fat?” You’ll be pleased to hear that yes, hiking does burn belly fat. If you want to know some juicy secrets and understand the process, then this article is for you. Let’s dive in. table of contents […]

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  • November 21, 2020

Is Hiking A Good First Date? Here’s How To Make It One (2021)

Put a spin on the dating staple of a dinner and movie and go hiking with stunning scenery instead. You might be wondering, “but is hiking a good first date idea?” Flowers – check. Endorphin-producing activity – check. Enough privacy and space – check. You might even have a spread of delicious food; picnics make for […]

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  • November 5, 2020

Does Hiking Build Muscle: A Complete Guide [Plus Easy Tips]

Gurgling streams and leaves underfoot are great distractions from our increasingly digital lives, but where some hike for leisure, others hike as exercise. You might wonder – does hiking build muscle? What outward physical attributes can we gain from hiking? This guide will cover everything you need to know about the effect of hiking on muscle building. […]

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  • October 27, 2020

Can You Hike In Leggings? Here’s A Complete Answer [2021]

Among other things, going hiking requires that you wear the right clothing, and while many people concentrate most on the shoes or boots, it’s good to think about your legwear as well. Hiking requires you to wear garments that are comfortable and allows you to move around freely without being too loose or too tight. That’s why […]

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  • September 22, 2020