Gregory Stout 65 Backpack Review – Is It Really Worth It?

Gregory Stout 65 L: Quick Overview
gregory stout 65 pack

Product Name: Gregory Stout 65 L

Product Description: With an improved ventilation, spectacular TrailFlex suspension system, and bombproof design combining multiple trail-friendly features, The Stout is undoubtedly one of Gregory's finest hiking backpacks.

Brand: Gregory

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

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  • Suspension And Ventilation
  • Weight
  • Storage Capacity
  • Price


Shining with the flawless quality of Gregory, The Stout 65 is a roomy, yet lightweight and durable pack. It offers great adjustability and premium comfort combined with useful features. And that’s something which is crucial for 4-8-day trips when you have to rely on a dependable pack to carry your gear.


  • High performing Trail Flex Suspension System
  • Integrated rain cover in a spacious pocket
  • Capacious, yet lightweight design
  • Incredible padding and ventilation


  • The side pockets are hardly accessible on the go
  • The front mesh pocket is easy to damage (thin material)

Fellow backpackers, pay close attention because this Gregory Stout 65 backpack review is exclusively for you. No matter whether you are an entry-level backpacker or an experienced trail guru, you will love the sleek design and the multi-functionality of one of Gregory’s best hiking packs.

Gregory are known for frequently updating their products and that’s why I like them so much. This 2017 model comes with enough storage space and multiple trail-friendly features. That will allow you to bring stuff not only for weekend trips but also for multi-day lightweight backpacking.

With a volume of 65 liters, this internal frame backpack can carry up to 50 lbs or 23 kg. The steel frame material makes its structure rigid but the pack is lightweight – only 3.8 lbs or 1.42 kg. The Stout 65 comes with plenty of options for customization.

I can’t wait to mention the TrailFlex suspension system, the solar panel attachment points, and the rain cover. And that’s just for starters.

The pack is easy to set up, easy to use, and impressively comfortable and durable. Follow me in the sentences below and let’s dive into the details. That’s how we will see if this hiking monster is for you or not. As usual, I will try to be as thorough as possible.

Gregory Stout 65 Backpack Review

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As compared to the previous model, the latest one from 2017 is slightly different. For instance, the hydration sleeve, which transformed into a daypack, has disappeared. On a positive note, the pack is lighter and more adjustable. Now it has a fantastic controllable harness and a sleeping bag compartment.

Who Is This Pack For?

First, I have to touch upon the fact that this is a men’s model. Ladies, the one designed for you is the Gregory Amber and it comes in various volumes.

Second, the Stout 65 is for those who are headed to a lightweight multi-day backpacking trip. The backpack is also ideal for camping and high alpine mountaineering.

You might see advertisements that state the pack is good for day hikes as well but I don’t agree with that. You’d want something smaller if you were to go only for the day. A better suggestion would be the Sumtree 35L daypack.

Additional Bonuses

Smile, because the backpack comes with a rain cover. It’s neatly stowed in a front zipped pocket. You can quickly pull it out and protect your pack if a bad weather comes along.

gregory stout 65 backpack review

Image via

The good thing is that the pocket is multifunctional. That means you can use it to store something else in it if you decide not to bring the rain fly. I really find that practical and it brings even more value to the Gregory Stout 65 L rucksack.

Overview of Features

Here, I will describe the product specifications because it’s always important to know what exactly are you dealing with.

For instance, knowing the dimensions and the weight of a hiking backpack will allow you to judge whether it’s appropriate to bring it with you on a train or on a plane. I always inform myself well on that topic because in that way I can plan how, when, and where to use my backpack.


If you ask me, Gregory Stout 65 has the perfect dimensions for a 3-8 day hike. It is 32” x 13” x 11” or 81 x 33 x 28 cm. Of course, these numbers matter when the backpack is fully loaded.

Here’s a pro tip – even though as per manufacturer’s advertisement the pack can carry 50 lbs of load, I recommend that you go a bit lighter.
trailflex suspension system

Image via

That’s because of the lightweight nature of the materials. Although the framing is solid, you risk feeling uncomfortable if you stuff the pack excessively. This may result in more pressure points or abrasion.

Weight And Materials

Given its robustness, I consider Gregory Stout 65 relatively lightweight. When the bag’s unloaded it’s 3.8 lbs or 1.7 kg. It would be nearly impossible to find a lighter backpack with such dimensions and at this price. To repeat myself, the capacity of the pack is 65 L or 3966 cubic inches.

Regarding the materials used, Gregory relies on a high-density polyester. The body of the pack is made of 200D x 900D dobby polyester and it also includes 210D ripstop polyester. This is pretty strong given the fact that manufacturers use this material to produce stunt kites.

The base of the Stout backpack contains 630D reinforced ballistic polyester. In simple words, this is an extremely durable fabric, which is abrasion-resistant.

To achieve maximum comfort, the material used for the harness and hipbelt is Cross Linked Polyethylene (CLPE) foam.

That makes these parts of the backpack soft enough so you can carry it for a long time without experiencing no physical discomfort.

To expand even more, I’d mention that the chasis support is also strong enough. It has a spring steel wishbone frame that provides astonishing stability to the pack while the evenly distributed load transfer minimizes energy expenditure.

As you can see Gregory used some really high-quality materials to make Stout 2017 remarkably durable and solid. That’s how a backpack created for adventures should be.

Now, let’s move to a very important section.

Comfort And Usability

Gregory are known to produce backpacks that has a well-fit and lightweight profile. At the same time, they care about the design. Stout 65 is not an exception.

trailflex suspension system on gregory backpack

The TrailFlex suspension system. Image via

I like the 2017 model because it’s even more comfortable and well-thought-out. What do I mean by that? Let’s see:

  • TrailFlex suspension system – this is the leading feature of the backpack and the one that makes it worthy. TrailFlex allows you to smoothly fine-tune the pack so it adapts to any body and size. That makes the Stout 65 remarkably versatile because it fits to multiple torso lengths. When adjusted to follow the curves of your body it’s easy to forget that you wear a loaded backpack.
  • Enhanced ventilation system – when I hike, I sweat a ton. Always. That’s why when I search for a backpack, one of the main criteria is to have a cooling ‘ability’. Stout 65 doesn’t disappoint. The comfort that comes from the ventilated backpanel is awesome. That’s because thanks to the breathable foam material the airflow circulates freely, allowing the nasty sweat to evaporate quickly.
  • Adjustable hipbelt – you can quickly adjust the hipbelt so that you have quick access to the hipbelt pockets.
  • TrailFlex chasis – the structure of the wishbone is such that it’s able to carry heavy loads on long distances. That’s because the weight is distributed to the padded lumbar region. Every experienced hiker knows how important this is in order not to torture your body with the heavy load that you’re carrying.
  • Shoulder harness straps – these are also easily adjustable so that the pack fits to the upper part of your body, thus allowing effortless load lifting. This happens via large velcro pad.
  • Double compression straps – they allow to stabilize the Stout 65 even more and leave no room for swinging. That’s important especially when the backpack is not fully loaded because the straps minimize its size.

Compartments And Storage

Gregory Stout 65 is very well organized when it comes to pockets and internal and external storage. You'll have plenty of room to pack an additional pair of boots and a winter shovel, for example. And attach your sleeping system on the exterior of the backpack.

Adjustable hipbelt pockets.

Adjustable hipbelt pockets. Image via

Every part of the pack has its purpose so that you can stow everything you might need into it.

  • Two access points – you can access the backpack from the top and from the bottom. I find that great because there’s no need to unpack everything to get to your stuff.
  • Big U-shaped zipper – this one’s on the front and you can use the compartment to store a sweater, a jacket, or anything you find appropriate.
  • Removable lid with a pocket – the floating top pocket is perfect for storing small items you want to be protected and easily accessible. I am talking about a camera, a map or a GPS device.
  • Sleeping bag compartment – yes, Gregory Stout 65 has that! This is a feature that becomes more and more popular and for every decent backpack, it’s a must-have. Here, you can put your sleeping bag in a storage space at the bottom of the back. The cool thing is this space is with a divider that can be removed so you can use the compartment as a huge pocket.
  • Solar-ready – welcome to the future! Caring for the environment, Gregory teamed up with Goal Zero to bring us the possibility to harness solar power using our backpacks while we walk. Why waste electricity outdoors while you can attach a solar panel cell on your pack? Use the attachment points to fasten your Goal Zero panel on the front of the Stout 65.
  • Hydration-ready – I started using water bladders more and more and I love it. If you are using one too, then you know how comfortable it is to have quick water access. The Stout 2017 model has a bladder compartment allowing you to route the hose right down along the shoulder strap. Pretty neat!
  • Two adjustable hipbelt pockets – you can adjust their position easily and use them for storing small objects for quick access like a smartphone or a small snack. I put protein bars there. Sure enough, these pockets are zippered.
  • Large front pouch – this is a traditional bungee that you can use to put whatever you decide. I like to put my jacket there so it’s accessible on the trail. The space is big enough.
  • Two side pockets – these are medium-sized mesh pockets where you can put water bottles. What I don’t like is that they are difficult to access while walking.
  • Two attachment points – here you can put trekking poles or any other tool such as a hatchet, for example. If you suffer from bad knees, you’d want to bring walking poles for extra stability and load balancing.

How To Use This Backpack?

It’s simple. Use it wisely and make the most out of it. Let me explain.

The first thing you need to do is to customize the fit of the Gregory Scout so that it follows the shape and length of your torso. Aim for perfect comfort and stability. You can easily do that thanks to the TrailFlex suspension system. Just pull the belts and straps until it’s all tightened up and you are ready to go.

front mesh of a backpack

Use the front bangee to store gear. Image via

One advice from me would be to avoid putting water bottles inside the pack. Instead, use the dual side pockets. In that way you will have more space for other gear in the main internal compartment. Don’t forget to use the padded waist belt as it will enhance stability.

Don’t forget to distribute the load evenly. Before that, decide what you plan on bringing. If the Stout is not full enough, use the compression straps to avoid load shifting and to make the pack more compact. Attach long sharp objects externally for maximum comfort and use all the lash points to secure your gear.


Another great backpack in this price range is Kelty Coyote 80L. It’s a sturdy, yet highly customizable pack that is surprisingly comfortable for its size. It doesn’t come with a rain fly, though but its suspension system is top-notch.

If you want something smaller and cheaper then try Scout 3400 by Teton Sports. It is a 55 L backpack that’s versatile enough and has a sleeping bag compartment and a rain cover.

You'd also want to check this list of the best cheap hiking backpacks or this list of hydration backpacks. 

Keep in mind that the Gregory Stout model comes in different volume sizes. So if you want pretty much the same features included in the model but with a different volume, then check out the other Stout packs. The Stout has also 30 L, 35 L, 45 L, 65L, and 75 L packs. Take your pick!



Is this backpack carry on appropriate?

Is the rain cover included?

What is the weight of the raincover?

Is the 2017 model better than the old one?

Is the hydration bladder included?

Is the solar panel included?

How many external pockets are there?

How much weight can the backpack carry?

Does the pack come in different sizes?

Final Verdict

To wrap it all up, Gregory Stout 65 L is one of the best packs you can get under $200. Here’s why:

  • Insanely easy to organize because of the huge number of compartments both internal and external.
  • Suitable for multiple types of outdoor adventures.
  • Highly adjustable and comfortable thanks to the TrailFlex suspension system.
  • Super durable because of the reinforced materials used.
  • Sleek, lightweight design
  • Integrated rain fly
  • Hydration and solar-ready
  • Perfect brand reputation and strongly positive customer reviews

Overall, the 2017 Stout 65 model won’t disappoint you on the trail and chances are you’re going to love it! Should you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you for reading my review!


Asen Stoyanchev

Founder of this website, Asen is a passionate hiker and writer who is also a gear nerd. He’s been featured on many established hiking websites where he gives hiking advice & tips. When he is not trekking with his family or friends, he is writing articles and product reviews. Asen spends most of his time in Bulgaria but he constantly travels the world in seek of more unforgettable experiences. Read more about Asen here.

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  • March 23, 2019
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Antonio - March 23, 2019


That looks like one sturdy rucksack that any backpacker would really appreciate. It has all the features that people are looking for, but my question is concern about the maximum weight that you can carry.

As you probably know carry rucksacks for long periods of time can cause back issues, and so what will this rucksack do in order to prevent backaches and other problems

Thanks for the review

    Asen - March 23, 2019

    Hi Antonio,

    I totally get your concern. You have to wear a very comfortable backpack on extended trips otherwise you risk having back issues. The Stout 65 is designed with that in mind. The Trailflex suspension system makes it easier to adjust the pack so that it fits to the body following its natural shape. On top of that the shoulder straps, the sternum padding, and the hipbelt are made of soft foam that doesn’t hurt the body. So there’s pretty much no risk of backaches.

Jesus - March 23, 2019

Great review. Having moved to Austin, TX, I will be looking into hiking soon. So, this review came in handy. Like you suggested, I may take a look at a smaller bag but I do like the size and weight of this one since we do like to plan longer hikes out of state. Thanks for providing this information and Ill tell my wife to look into the womans bag you suggested. Thanks, again.

    Asen - March 23, 2019

    Hey Jesus,

    Glad to hear that this Gregory Stout 65 review comes in handy. Indeed, for your wife, I’d recommend the Amber models since the Stout is pretty huge. Happy trails!

Cassandra - March 24, 2019

As a woman, I appreciate that you recommended and supplied information for where else I could look for my next backpack investment. However, this backpack, despite being mens looks perfect for the longer hikes planned! In Wisconsin, there are Islands and this summer my goal was to get out to Washington Island. This would be perfect! Thanks for the great insight.

    Asen - March 25, 2019

    Hey Cassandra,

    I always try to recommend packs for both men and women. It’s true that there are unisex models but whenever I think a backpack is more suitable either for men or women I mention it.
    With that being said, if you think Gregory Scout 65 is right for you, then so be it. I’d love to go to Washington island too one day. Happy trails!

George - April 27, 2019

This review is amazing! I was looking to find a detailed description about the Gregory Stout as well as an expert opinion on the topic. I have finally found it. I like that monster of a pack! I am planning to climb Mount Reinier and I think I found my backpack!

    Asen - April 27, 2019

    Hey George,

    Thank you for the nice words. I did my best to describe every detail. I hope that the backpack will serve you well! Happy trails! 🙂

Mitko - August 28, 2020

Hi Asen,

it was nice to come across your website from a fellow Bulgarian.

Based on your review I bought the Stout 65 few months ago. Not sure what year’s model I have, but it was on sale and felt attractive bargain.
I have been hiking all my life, but am fairly new to backpacking. Just finished 4 day backpacking trip in Sierra Nevada and I am mostly satisfied with it, since I carried 33 pounds.

However, few times I felt some rubbing and discomfort on the hips. I think the pack hip belt rubbed on the laces of my shorts. After I put the laces lower it felt much better. Is that always the case with backpacks when you have pant’s belts or some lacing on the shorts? Should I always try to put them lower or higher than the place the pack hip belt stays? it would be counter intuitive since pants belt is also supposed to be in the same spot. How do I ago about this problem?

I am also not sure whether to extend the hip belt more or less, since it is flexible. I am fairly skinny and after tightening the belt the straps fell all the way to mu knees, which bothered me a lot.

    Asen - August 28, 2020

    Hi Mitko,

    I’m very happy to see another Bulgarian here.
    The Gregory Stout 65 is an excellent long-hauling pack. Do you have any pics from your Sierra Nevada backpacking trip? If so, that would be cool to share them on our Facebook page. It should have been an exciting trip.
    Regarding the discomfort on the hips, I’ve never encountered this problem. I guess it always depends on obtaining the right fit which sometimes could be a bit tricky when we’re dressed in layers.
    I wish you all the best!


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