Metal Detecting While Hiking: The Ultimate Adventure Thrill

Hiking is an activity that boosts one’s physical prowess. It is also a peaceful pursuit that enhances your mental potential as well. That is why hiking and the number of its enthusiasts is vast and they are spread across the globe.

There are many additional benefits to glean in addition to physical fitness. You can turn hiking into a veritable novelty hunt if you only bring along a metal detector unit

For those of you that don’t know, a metal detector is a device that you can use to dig up all sorts of metallic items. The value of these items vacillates between worthless to priceless even. Most of the time, you won’t find any expensive item while hiking but sometimes that might change.

There have been instances where people have found valuable items like coins, rings, precious metals, watches, etc. So, it would indeed be a most enjoyable pursuit for you if you take up metal detecting while hiking.

Let’s check out some tips.

Tips for Using a Metal Detector while Hiking

You need to be aware of a few things if you are going to be using a metal detector on the trail. Let us help you in this regard and that is why we have listed some easy peasy tips as follows:


Remember to walk slowly and maintain a to and from motion of the metal detector. Do so in a manner that allows these swings to converge/overlap. This will ensure you don’t miss anything at all.


Keep your arm at your side in a relaxed manner. Above all, remember to keep a comfortable posture. Proper posture is important for getting the best out of your metal detecting endeavors.


Seek permission from the competent and pertinent authorities before going metal detecting on a hiking trail. That is because some might have certain sanctions that prohibit the usage of metal detectors. Always follow the regulations evinced by the hiking trail you use.


Remember to go metal detecting while hiking after a little rain. That is because it is easier to dig up the ground and detect metal when the soil is wet.


Always fill up the holes you dug after you are done rummaging around for your rewards. It would come in handy to also bring additional tools like a small shovel or a pickaxe.


Don’t forget that what you do is still hiking so you need to bring all the usual items and supplies such as food/rations, first aid kit, etc.

Where to Look With A Metal Detector While Hiking on a Trail

hiking and metal detecting

There are certain spots you should check out while hiking. These areas hold a greater chance of garnering better loot. Here they are:


Always be sure to check out the edges of a trail. Make it a priority if the trail is lined with rocks.


There are certain areas on a hiking trail where people stop for a little R&R. These areas usually contain large rocks that people use to rest on or simply sit on. These areas might also contain overhanging rocks, shady trees, etc.


There are overlooks in many trails where one can gaze across the scenic view spread out before them. People usually stop at these stops and take in the view. You can also comb these areas with your metal detector. 


You should also make a point of scoping out the water pools and creeks that you can find in a hiking trail. There’s plenty of loot you can find there. 

Things You Might Find While Metal Detecting

man finds a coin while metal detecting

There are many things that you come across while hiking on a trail and using your metal detector unit. These include but are not limited to:



These are the most common and perhaps the most coveted of items that avid metal detecting fans long for. It happens quite often that people forget or drop their change on the hiking trails. These coins, which include pennies, dimes, etc. get lost under the covers of sand, pebble, and grime. You need to dig out these coins by searching for them with the aid of a metal detector.



You can’t always get lucky when metal detecting. Cans are a frequent find for those who go metal detecting while perusing a hiking trail. That is because most people on the tracks use canned drinks as a source of revitalization. These cans bury under the path of the trail after people throw them. You can bet that most of the time when your metal detector pings, it will be nothing more than a can. But you can recycle them or sell them for a small profit as well so it’s not a total loss.




This is a rare occurrence but sometimes you end up finding rare and precious jewelry while on the trail. In fact, there was an interesting case when a group of hikers used a metal detector to find a lost wedding ring. It happens once in a while but it happens nonetheless. People tend to lose their valuables while using the trail. These valuables might include rings, lockets, bracelets, pendants, etc. This usually happens by accident and sometimes you manage to get your hands on one of these. Just make sure you try to find the owner before you claim it for yourself.


Metal Deposits

Your metal detector might also get you to stumble across a deposit of various metals that occur within the earth on a hiking trail. It happens despite being an incredibly rare phenomenon.



Most metal detecting users find bottle caps, pliers, small metal pieces, wires, and other forms of metallic trash in abundance on a hiking trail. If you are going to be taking up metal detecting, then be prepared to be disappointed when you come to uncover this trash as the spoils of your hard work.


There is ample reason for adopting metal detecting while hiking as a hobby. The chances for gaining notable rewards are low and the disappointment rate is high.

girl metal detecting in the woods

But still, the very prospect of going out into the fresh air is tempting and sometimes you do end up finding something valuable. So give metal detecting a try on your next hiking trip. Who knows, you might end up enjoying yourself.

Conclusion (Plus Video Bonus)

It is a fact that hiking is an immensely enjoyable activity that can enhance one’s physical and mental potential. Its salubrious ramifications and odds of deriving enjoyment are increased considerably if you add metal detecting to the mix.

Metal detecting allows you to seek precious items and test your luck on hiking trails. While it may seem a bit simple, it isn’t! There are many conditions to consider before launching off on such an endeavor. You should seek permission from authorities, follow regulations, and above all always be careful.

The chances of your discovering anything of value are slim as is the case with metal detecting endeavors in general. Still, the odds are ever so slightly in your favor when you are going about with your metal detector on a hiking trail.

You should be meticulous and stick to the areas that have proven to be profitable. But be warned: the chances of your finding anything of value are low. Most of the time, you will end up with nothing more than mere trash and refute from the hikers that trodded on the path before. Remain optimistic and never lose hope because you never know when you might get lucky. 

Have you ever tried metal detecting? Leave a comment below!

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Rudiger J - September 4, 2020

This is a great idea. I love detecting and hiking but never thought of taking my detector on the hiking trails. I have always kept the two hobbies separate.

    Asen - September 4, 2020

    Hi Rudiger,

    Yes, you can combine metal detecting and hiking and spend a really great time! 🙂

Curtis Butler - March 15, 2021

I think it’s great that you mentioned how coins can be commonly found when using a metal detector since hikers tend to accidentally drop their change while they are on hiking trails. My son has been interested in learning about how metal detectors work so that he can give a presentation on them for science class next week, and we need to find a place where we can easily find metal objects. Maybe we should watch a video online in order to determine the best places to look for treasure.

    Asen - March 15, 2021

    Hi Curtis,

    I’d also love to know about the best places to look for treasure. Do tell if you find out!

Adam Golightly - April 10, 2021

My mom really likes to go hiking with her husband, but she would really like to do something while they are walking. Getting a metal detector from a professional could allow her to have a lot more fun, and find some different things. I’ll be sure to tell her about how she will probably find a lot of cans that she can recycle, and she could find some jewelry.

    Asen - April 10, 2021

    Hey Adam,

    Metal detecting while hiking can surely be great fun. I’m sure you mom will like it if she’s keen on such stuff.

Liman mia - September 2, 2021

Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing blog with us. Such amazing article keep sharing.

    Asen - September 2, 2021

    Thanks Liman, Glad you like it.

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