14 Insanely Practical Camping Gifts For Couples (#2 Is Epic)

Here’s a promise - in this article, you will find only top-notch ideas for camping gifts for couples that people just love.

I’m sure you’ll agree that often, finding the best present could be overwhelming and, let’s admit it, a little annoying.

On one hand, that’s because you don’t have enough time to think about everything, let alone do everything. On the other hand, the information overload plays its role. There’s so much stuff online these days that you just can’t go through everything without feeling crazy.

Here’s where we can help.

We pumped our creative muscles to sort out a comprehensive list of original outdoor presents suitable for couples that love to camp.

On a side note, you might want to check our list of hiking gifts for dad. They’re suitable for outdoorsy fathers and men in general.

We read thousands of reviews online but we also asked folks how would they react if they received the particular item as a gift. We narrowed down our choice based on positive answers. Furthermore, we picked not only physical gifts but also some experiential ones that are quite thrilling.

So if you want to ease your life and quickly find the best possible present for camping couples, then continue reading.

Experiential Camping Gifts For Couples That Are Just Epic

These are super appropriate if you believe that creating memories is more important than physical stuff. Giving an exciting experience as a gift is a great idea especially for couples that are adventurous in their togetherness.

Here they are.

#1 An Exciting Camping Experience From TourRadar

Here’s your chance to go epic with your present.

tourradar tours

TourRadar is one of world’s biggest websites for booking organized tours and adventures all over the world. If you want to really surprise your friends by giving them a mind-blowing camping experience, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

You can choose by plenty of organized camping tours at TourRadar. The website is super intuitive and easy to navigate. You can filter activities based on location, price, type of activity, departure date, duration, and many more.

Surprise Your Friends

Give them the gift of  experiencing an organized camping adventure from TourRadar. Choose among many tours.

You can also select specific dates, if you know that your friends are free to go at that time. The best part is that you have the option of “Flexible Booking”. That means you (or your friends) can always select a different time or tour if plans change.

Some truly amazing activities are, for instance, the “12 Day Rockies Hiking and Camping Tour” that includes hiking and camping into the splendid wilderness of the Canadian Rockies or the 14-day “USA Road Trip: Northwest National Parks” that starts in Las Vegas and ends in Seattle and goes through some of America’s most beautiful National parks.

All tours include accommodation, meals, a guide, entrance fees, and local transportation. Just note that it's recommended that you know how to prevent bugs from entering in your tent. Bugs can spoil your overall experience.

#2 Organized Camping Adventure From Viator

Viator is another highly popular and reliable website offering over 200 000 activities for travelers and adventurers.

camping tours from viator

As you will see, there are plenty of filters to choose from so you can fine tune your search. They even follow the current Coronavirus healthy regulations and you can choose activities based on how crowded the place/activity is and the safety measures taken.

With Viator you also have a 24-hour cancellation policy (most tours have free cancelation), lowest price guarantee, and millions of customer reviews.

Impress Your Friends

Give them the gift of  experiencing an organized camping adventure from Viator. Choose among many tours.

Some recommended camping tours that make a thrilling gift would be the “3-Day National Parks Camping Tour: Zion, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley and Grand Canyon from Las Vegas” or the “3-Day Yosemite Camping Adventure from San Francisco”.

Just filter by type of outdoor activity, choose “camping” and you’ll surely find the most suitable option for your friends. Just imagine the look of their faces when they see this gift!

You can make a booking, print the confirmation in an envelope and voilà, you have an exciting but also well-looking present.

Practical Physical Gifts That Are Super Likeable

The following list contains physical gifts suitable for camping couples. Choosing some of those will make sure you’re giving something that’s practical and useful for a present. Everyone needs that so your friends will surely appreciate it.

Let’s dive right in.

guh-table__imageA Gift Card From REI
  • The abundance of camping products is impressive
  • You can deliver the card either by e-mail or mail
  • You can personalize it
View Latest Price →
guh-table__imageMomo Outdoors Camping Hammock For Two
  • Contains rugged parachute materials that skydivers use
  • It uses tightly stitched straps and aluminum carabiners
  • Very compact and easy to carry and set up
View On Amazon →
guh-table__imageTeton Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag
  • Slightly bigger than an average queen-size mattress
  • Especially designed for family camping and sleeping
  • Advanced SuperLoft Elite™ fiber fill
View On Amazon →
guh-table__imageKelty Low Loveseat Camping Chair
  • Portable, foldable camping chair for two
  • The buns and the backrests include fabric
  • Strong steel frame construction
View On Amazon →
guh-table__imageGeertop Waterproof Tent For Two
  • It’s a 4-season tent
  • Large double meshed windows also serve as a shield against the annoying summer insects
  • Pretty easy to set up and stays extremely stable
View On Amazon →
guh-table__imageCollapsible Camping Table With Food Basket
  • It has a zippered insulated cooler underneath
  • Mesh space in the middle
  • The camping table is also lightweight
View On Amazon →
guh-table__image17-Piece Portable Cookware Set For Two
  • All pieces are BPA-free and toxic-free
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Contains everything your friends would need to cook delicious food out in the outdoors
View On Amazon →
guh-table__imagePremium 2 Burner Camping Gas Stove
  • The stove is quite powerful
  • PerfectHeat technology allows for a more efficient combustion
  • The Coleman gas stove closes with a robust lid
View On Amazon →
guh-table__imagePortable Propane Heater
  • Very handy gadget, popular among campers, hikers, and backpackers alike
  • It works with propane gas and it’s super easy to light
  • Has an oxygen depletion sensor and an automatic safety shut-off technology
View On Amazon →
guh-table__imageNinjaBatt Portable Power Station
  • Weighting only 7.4 lbs. (3.3 kg.)
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Battery is very powerful
View On Amazon →

#1 A Gift Card From REI

rei gift card purchase

Being the biggest outlet for outdoor equipment in the USA, REI has a plethora of products to offer for camping enthusiasts. This is also an excellent choice if you want to give your friends the freedom to choose a camping item to their liking. In that way, you eliminate the risk of buying them something they either already have or won’t like. Easy and practical. Check it out!

Tents, cooking sets, hammocks, backpacks – REI got you covered. The abundance of camping products is impressive and getting the gift card is well thought out and intuitive.

You can deliver the card either by e-mail or mail. For that, you have different templates all of which very beautiful.

Once you choose a design, you can set the balance of the card ($10 - $1000). Then you can personalize it by writing a short message to greet your friends.

If you choose the e-gift card option, the card will arrive at a recipient’s e-mail address specified by you. Conveniently, you can also schedule a delivery date up to a year old.

If you prefer to surprise your friends by delivering the card to their mail, note that the free delivery takes 3-7 business days to arrive. There’s an express shipping at an additional cost.

If you choose the mail option, and you want to give the present on a specific date, you can ship the gift card in advance to yourself and give it to your friends on the desired day.

In general, the e-gift card option is easier and will spend you some additional headaches. The card can be redeemed online or at any REI store.

#2 Momo Outdoors Camping Hammock For Two

momo outdoors camping hammock

Ultra comfy and lightweight, this double hammock is a real hit among campers and has plenty of positive reviews. Made of super strong rip stop nylon, the hammock is very easy to set, it’s waterproof, and has an attached stuff sack. You can also use it as a tarp or a sleeping mat. Check it out!

Swinging and chilling in a hammock in nature is something that every outdoorsy couple would love. That’s why this makes for a great present!

Especially when it comes for a quality product. This hammock contains rugged parachute materials that skydivers use. Plus, it uses tightly stitched straps and aluminum carabiners for maximum durability and safety.

What’s cool is that it’s very compact and easy to carry and set up. Its total weight is only 2 lbs. / 0.90 kg. It’s pretty spacious too completely allowing a couple to lay in it – 118” (300 cm) long and 78” (198 cm) wide. It holds up to 450 lbs. / 205 kg. of weight.

Don’t just take our word for it and go read the awesome reviews. Also, learn how to measure hammock length correctly. It's a valuable skill.

#3 Teton Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag

double sleeping bag

Couples just love to snuggle up, right? They will do it with pleasure thanks to the comfort that this warm double bag offers. It’s padded, super soft, and with thermal enhancing allowing for warm sleep under the stars. Camping couples rated it as super practical and chances are your friends will too!

The Mammoth is slightly bigger than an average queen-size mattress – 94” long (239 cm.) and 62” wide (157 cm.). It’s especially designed for family camping and sleeping.

Another feature that adds up to the overall comfort is the advanced SuperLoft Elite™ fiber fill. It enhances warmth and creates that cushioned feeling when you sleep. The half circle hood keeps your head off the ground while the padding around shoulders alleviates tension and strain.

Another practical aspect of the sleeping bag is that if you unzip the bottom and each side, you get two large comforters. That’s very convenient when you sleep with someone else. 

On top of that, there’s no need to roll the bag. You can just stuff it in the compression sack and carry it easily – preferably in a car since it’s heavy – 14 lbs or 6.3 kg.

You have the option to choose from multiple colors and two temperature ratings – 20 degrees Fahrenheit and 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s a wonderful gift for couples keen on camping. Just make sure they really need a sleeping bag. Often, some people just don't need a sleeping bag.

#4 Kelty Low Loveseat Camping Chair

kelty low love seat chair for two

They say couples that camp together stay together. Well, in this big double chair your friends will be able to sit together and chill together in comfort. In fact, you can even call this a couch. It’s cushioned, and it has adjustable armrests with insulated drink holders. Can it get better than that? Yes, it can. Check it out!

This portable, foldable camping chair for two is an excellent gift for couples as its name suggests. Love will flourish when your friends cuddle up on the padded seats and drink wine near the campfire, experiencing the calming effects of nature.

This chair/couch stands only 13” (33 cm.) off the ground, making it easy to sit on and be close to nature. A cool advantage is that the buns and the backrests include fabric that keeps your body warm on chilly nights.

The ability to adjust the armrests and use the insulated drink holders is very convenient too. There’s enough space for two people to cuddle up – the total sitting space is 42” or 107 cm.

It’s a strong steel frame construction combined with 600D polyester materials for ultimate durability and long years of rugged use.

The best part is that it’s easy to carry and transport because it folds into the included roll tote. Its weight is 15 lbs. or 6.8 kg.

We are familiar with the dependability of the Kelty brand already so we know that they make products that last. This double chair is an indispensable item in any camping checklist.

#5 Geertop Waterproof Tent For Two

geertop two person tent

A tent is essential for any camping experience. Geertop offers perfect and cozy protection from the elements no matter the season. It’s highly waterproof, easy to set up, and well-ventilated. Besides, it’s portable and comes at a great price. Let’s check it out!

Having a sturdy tent as a shelter under the sky is crucial for one’s safety and something that you rarely go camp without. That’s why this is an awesome present for anyone who loves spending nights outdoors.

Geertop is a quality brand and expectedly this tent has tons of positive reviews. The great thing about it is that it’s a 4-season tent, meaning that it ensures warm protection during winter and efficient breathability when the temperatures are high. And you can bet that this tent is waterproof.

The large double meshed windows also serve as a shield against the annoying summer insects. There are two roomy open doors for easier entry and exit and for storing your luggage.

The material is quite rugged – 210T anti-tear polyester with an impressive waterproof rain rating of PU 8000 mm. It withstands even the harshest weather conditions.

The tent is pretty easy to set up and stays extremely stable thanks to the aluminum stakes (good for high winds) and lantern hooks. It even has built in storage pockets. And if you're not familiar with the different parts of a camping tent, then this article will help.

It’s also easy to carry thanks to its foldable structure. You can roll it and stuff it into the sack. It closes as a dry bag for maximum protection. The total weight is 6.4 lbs. or 2.9 kg., which makes it suitable for backpacking as well.

Overall, this is a very cool gift because it’s an item that every couple should carry when camping. So you can’t really go wrong with it.

#6 Collapsible Camping Table With Food Basket

collapsible camping tent

Eating and drinking outdoors is fun and comfortable with this foldable table from Camerons Products. It’s so intuitive to use and it has an insulated cooler and integrated food bag. On top of that, it’s super light and easy to carry in an included travel bag. Oh, and it’s shamelessly cheap.

Do you know what’s the best thing to do while being outdoors? That’s right – to eat outdoors. Nothing compares to having a cold drink and a hot slice of steak while surrounded in gorgeous nature.

Well, for that you need to have the right tools. Here’s where Camerons Products come in handy. They specialize in manufacturing high quality cooking and grilling products. And their outdoor line is very well accepted by campers and hikers.

This camping table makes a super gift because, well, it’s practical to start with. But it’s not just a foldable table like others. It’s more.

It has a zippered insulated cooler underneath where you can store water, beer, food or whatever you like. Conveniently, there are four cup holders on each angle that allow you to put your drink like a boss.

What’s cool is the mesh space in the middle where you can put a big bowl of chips. The table is very stable thanks to the solid tension straps. You secure them on the ground and you’re ready to go.

The camping table is also lightweight - only 4.50 lbs including the travel bag in which you can easily collapse it and store it. Simple and efficient!

#7 17-Piece Portable Cookware Set For Two

cookware set from bisgear

Ultralight and including everything you need to prepare food in basic conditions, this cookware set from Bisgear is loved by many campers and backpackers. It comes with a camping stove but what’s really nice is that it’s made of rust-resistant stainless steel and it’s super easy to transport and carry. Check it out!

What we liked about this cookware set is that it’s made of high-quality stainless steel (18/8, also known as Type 304).

In Layman’s terms, all pieces are BPA-free and toxic-free which make it safe for prolonged use. It contains everything your friends would need to cook delicious food out in the outdoors.

That includes two 7” plates, two 180 ml. cups, a pan, one teapot, a frying pan, a 0.8 L kettle, a stove, and a folding knife. Of course, there are folding forks and spoons as well as a rice ladle, a dishcloth, and a net bag for compact storage. For easy attachment and carry, the set also includes a D-shaped buckle and a flint.

What’s quite comfortable is that the pots and the pans have fold-out handles and the material of the entire cookware is such that it’s super easy to wash.

All items store in each other and then in a special mesh bag. The entire set weighs only 2.5 lbs or 1.13 kg.

Cooking your favorite camping or hiking dishes with this set is easy as pie.

#8 Premium 2 Burner Camping Gas Stove

camping gas stove from coleman

For couples who like to cook their food quickly and effortlessly, this triton/propane gas stove is an excellent gift. It has matchless lightning and wind-blocking panels. Cool, huh! Thanks to the PerfectFlow pressure control and the PerfectHeat technology, your friends are sure to enjoy an effective and consistent cooking heat. All for an easier food preparation.

Coleman is a premium brand known for producing only top-notch camping tools. This gas stove is not an exception and the plenty of positive reviews are a proof for that.

What your friends will like most about it is that with this gadget, it’s very easy to produce heat for making food or boiling water.

The stove is quite powerful – up to 22 000 BTUs. It has two adjustable burners that allows you to control the temperature at your own convenience.

Furthermore, the PerfectHeat technology allows for a more efficient combustion that delivers more heat for less fuel. Super handy!

The PerfectFlow pressure control doesn’t allow the wind or the cold weather to interfere and disturb the heat and the cooking process. That’s great when you camp at a windy place even in winter.

How about the matchless ignition? When you camp you need practical stuff and this feature is awesome. With the push of a button you have an electric spark. No need to search for a lighter or matches.

The Coleman gas stove closes with a robust lid that not only protects the entire machine, but makes it easy for transportation. The weight of the entire piece is 11 lbs or 4.98 kg.

A super gift for any camping couple!

#9 Portable Propane Heater

propane heater

Sometimes snuggling up with your loved one is just not enough. You need a solution for those unexpected cold nights in the outdoors. Meet Mr. Heater – a powerful yet compact radiant. Thanks to its advanced technology, it can heat spaces up to 450 square feet and it has an automatic shut-off system for safety. A true hit among campers and surely a fantastic present for any outdoorsy couple.

Mr. Heater is a very handy gadget, popular among campers, hikers, and backpackers alike. It does one simple but important job and it does it pretty well – it produces heat that keeps you warm at night. No matter if you’re in a tent, in an RV or just in a sleeping bag under the sky.

It works with propane gas and it’s super easy to light – you just push and rotate the knob. For maximum safety, the radiant has an oxygen depletion sensor and an automatic safety shut-off technology for worry-free sleep.

Sure enough, you can regulate the heat level and this little buddy can work with up to 18 000 BTU per hour. That’s because it has a built-in fan that increases the heating capacity quite easily.

For convenience, you can use a remote gas supply by purchasing a filter and a hose. Mr. Heater’s size is compact and its weight is 16 lbs or 7.2 kg.

#10 NinjaBatt Portable Power Station

portable power station

With this small, yet powerful gadget, you can easily charge any electronic device even in the most desolated place on earth. This monster has a 288Wh battery, 4 usb ports, 12V/24V outlets, an AC outlet, and built-in LED lights. Plus, you can charge it via solar panels. It’s a must-have for every camping adventure.

This innovative portable power station is your chance to surprise your friends by giving them a super cool gift that can seriously ease their life when camping.

Let’s admit it. Often, when we go camping, we usually take a lot of stuff with us – a mini fridge, laptop, tablet, portable TV. Not to mention our smartphones.

What’s the common between all those? That’s right – they all require electric power to run. Probably you’ll agree that in such cases it’s super convenient to have a genuine solution to this little problem.

Here comes NinjaBatt. Weighting only 7.4 lbs. (3.3 kg.), this is an ideal choice for campers because it’s lightweight and portable.

But that’s not what makes it insanely useful. It’s the fact that its battery is very powerful (288Wh). That allows for worry free camping using the devices that make your experience more comfortable.

For example, the device allows 40 recharges of a smartphone and 15 recharges of a laptop. Another cool thing is that NinjaBatt has a car socket so you can charge it in your car whenever needed.

#11 Wood Burning Camp Stove With FlexLight

wood burning camp stove

With an integrated battery and LED dashboard, cooking wood-fired dishes is ridiculously easy with the celebrated BioLite stove. Portable and lightweight, this little buddy is also powerful – its heating power is 10 000 BTU per burner. Moreover, it has an integrated battery that allows you to charge electronic devices.

What makes this an ideal present for outdoorsy couples is the fact that everyone needs a camp stove when camping. It surely makes one’s camping experience a lot better.

The BioLite CampStove 2 is suitable even for ultralight hikers because it weighs only 2 lbs. 1 oz. or 930 grams. In it, you can burn wood, sticks, and any dry biomass.

You can even buy BioFuel pellets that work perfectly with it. The built-in battery is relatively powerful – 2600 mAh so you can charge your smartphone fully.

The integrated FlexLight is adjustable so you can illuminate any task with up to 100 lumens of light. The LED dashboard gives you an idea of the fire strength and battery level which is very handy.

Last but not least, this useful camp stove ensures smokeless combustion because it re-burns the gas.

#12 Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers - 2 Pack

outdoor bluetooth speakers

Spice up your friends’ camping experience with this 2-pack Wireless speakers from Onforu. Playing cool ambient music at camp creates that intimate atmosphere that couples just love. These speakers are waterproof and have LED lights with adjustable brightness and changing colors. Don’t miss checking them out!

Most couples go camping to seek a romantic escape from the business of their everyday lives. That’s why they will highly appreciate this pack of two synchronizing Bluetooth speakers. They’ll be able to listen to their favorite music surrounded by nature.

At night, the speakers act as lanterns, projecting tender light in different colors whose brightness can be easily adjusted from 20 % and up to 100%.

Super clean, with less than 1% of harmonic distortion, the sound is HD stereo with a power of 25 Watts. The cool thing is that you can synchronize as many of the speakers as you have to obtain a unique 360° 3D sound experience.

The total play time is 20 hours and the speakers are camping-friendly because they have an IPX5 waterproof rating. Plus, they’re portable and lightweight.

The battery is durable – 6600 mAh and fully charges for three hours. That’s undoubtedly an original and ultra useful present.

4 Useful Tips For Choosing The Best Camping Gift For Your Friends

How to come up with the ultimate gift that will please your friends?

In the following sentences, I will try to help you make the right decision. Let’s begin.

#1 Avoid Giving Them Something They Already Have

That’s a dangerous trap and you have to escape it at any cost. In fact, chances are that you have experienced the frustration of receiving a long-awaited present just to turn out you already have the exact same thing.

Yep, it sucks. So do a diligent research and make sure that you will give them something they don’t own but desperately need, even if they don’t know it.

Communication is the key here. Speak with your friends and try to learn as much as you can for what camping stuff they already have and what they don’t. Sure enough, make it look completely casual because you don’t want to reveal your intentions.

You can also consult friends of your friends and their relatives that could give you some hints. When you’re paying them a visit, ask them to show you their camping and hiking gear and pretend it to be out of curiosity.

#2 Go For Practical Stuff Only

It’s simple. There are two types of presents – practical and impractical. When it comes to camping, you’d want to go exclusively for practical items. Everything else turns into a clutter that sinks in oblivion.

Ideally, gear that can ease the outdoor life of your friends and that can be used for many years to come. For example, a tent, a waterproof backpack or a sleeping bag would be a perfect choice, even though it might seem trivial.

On the contrary, useless paraphernalia such as posters or decorative toys, no matter how beautiful or funny they might look, would significantly lower your chances to impress your friends with your present.

#3 Get A Present That Will Satisfy Your Friends And Not You

It sounds obvious but sometimes that’s so difficult. When choosing a present we often catch ourselves thinking “wow, I like this so much, I’ll buy it for my friends”. In such situations, you better ask yourself “is it really suitable for my friends and will it fit their needs?”

couple on a hammock

For example, you might seriously like this awesome portable camping fridge, but is it really something that your friends would appreciate? If the answer is yes, go ahead and buy it. 

How about a shoveling winter tool such as a snow shovel? You might not like or need one but your friends might just do.

If you’re reluctant, then consider whether it would be a good idea to think about something else instead.

#4 If Possible, Buy A Gift That Could Be Easily Returned (Or Replaced)

In that way, not only you’ll be on the safe side but your friends to whom you give the gift too. Having the possibility to return or just replace the particular item with another one that your friends would like more is not something you want to overlook.

This will also help you if you happen to buy them something they already have. Most of the products these days have a return or replace option (for a limited time), but make sure to check before you buy it.

Conclusion (Plus Bonus)

That was it. We hope that our gift checklist will help you choose the most appropriate present for any couple that loves to camp.

As a small bonus, we include this infographic that contains some must-haves for every camping trip. Probably that would even give you more ideas for a gift.

6 Invaluable tools to take camping


From Visually.

If you like our article, don’t forget to share it so more people could find a suitable gift for their friends. Thanks for reading and we wish you a wonderful celebration!

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This is a brilliant article, and lots of choice of gifts for couples. I have two friends who are a couple who go hiking and camping quite regularly. They haven’t been able to lately because of lockdown, but in the UK the restrictions are being minimised on a daily basis so I’ll find out when they are next going to go. I owe them a gift so I think I will get them the bluetooth speakers, they look great.

I’ll let you know what they think about them, and I’ll forward on your article too to give them ideas of more things that they’ll need for their camping and hiking trips.

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